Yummy Halloween Treats

Halloween is the time of year when cooks and chefs everywhere can get a little more creative than usual. Creativity is in the air; just look at all the amazing costumes that you see everywhere. It is the time when artistic design simply comes out and can be observed in everyone, so why not let that creativity flow in the kitchen. You do not have to have a real “Adam’s Family” meal, but you can make your food scary enough to trick them into thinking it is. Here are some ideas of the meals that will leave your friends and family screaming “wow!”

Baked Monster Eyes

Imagine you have the meal covered, and as the cover comes off you find monster eyes on your plate. Don’t worry! They are not really monster eyes. What they are is a collection of ingredients which include shredded cheese, crushed tortilla chips sour cream, ground beef and of course what can look more like monster eyes than olives. The preparation is fairly simple and the taste is great especially if you like Mexican flavors. You can make and serve baked monster eyes quickly once you have all the ingredients. It is a fun dish that is certain to get a few laughs from the people at the table.

Pull-Apart Brains

Of course if baked monster eyes sound too classy for you, then perhaps you may want to play zombie and serve pull-apart brains. It may take a little longer to get pull-apart brain done, but with a name like that you can be sure that it worth the wait. That does not mean that you will have to wait hours to finish baking this brainy delicacy, you can have them done in less than an hour. Here is the kicker, even though the look will be of brains you still have to use some sort of decoration, be classy and use candied cherries.

Kitty Litter Casserole

I think you may be getting the theme here. These are not recipes that you will find at the Four Seasons or Tavern on the Green. Imagine going to a five-star restaurant and asking for a kitty litter casserole. Well that is their loss, because as bad as it sounds it is actually pretty good. It does combine some ingredients that you may not think go together, but actually come out very good. Bisquick, shredded cheddar cheese, ground beef and long grain rice sound like strange bedfellows, but they make for a great gag food.


If someone eats dirt, you can call 911 and tell them that there is a crazy running on the street eating dirt. They will probably advise you that if it is Halloween, dirt is perfectly acceptable. Dirt, may sound like well… dirt, but it is more than that. It is a sweet chocolate based meal. Thank goodness chocolate and dirt are similar in color. Chocolate is represented in two ingredients in the dirt recipe. Those are chocolate pudding mix and crushed Oreo cookies. Chocolate is not the only tasty delicious flavor, cream cheese and cool whip are also in there.

Bloody Brains and Maggots

We had to save the best for last, and what can be a better Halloween eat than bloody brain and maggots. Making bloody brain and maggots may sound like an impossibility to make at home and you would be wrong to think so. There are only four ingredients and they are all easy to work with. Softened cream cheese, crackers, cocktail sauce and baby shrimp will give the dish its desired (desired only on October 31st, undesired at any other time) look. 

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