Your Way to Say Hello; Maximise Your Front Garden’s Appeal

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, you know what to do. Making sure your home’s interior has a neutral appeal and looks lovely is a no-brainer, and hiring a window cleaner to come and keep the windows tidy is simple.

But there’s one thing many people lose sight of when they prepare to wow potential buyers, and it’s something that can put people off or draw them in before they even set food across the threshold. The front garden can be welcoming and beautiful, or a mess that causes buyers to turn away. So how do you turn a small patch of land into something worthy of making an offer?

There are various things you can do, if you plan a complete front-garden overhaul. For larger gardens, a lawn is an option, or you can choose to pave the entire surface allowing you to have a sizeable driveway on which to park.

This last option can make your home more attractive to potential buyers with more than one car, and if you live in a home with no garage or with limited off- and on-street parking it could be an amazing way to raise the value of your home. Of course it will cost a bit more money than plain gardening, but this may be worth it in terms of value added.

If you do plant a plain lawn, a border of flowers along the edge can make it look less stark, and a bird bath or water feature in the centre can break up the monotony without sacrificing the sense of space.

Smaller front gardens may be better covered in gravel or paved, although it is of course your choice. A very small front garden can look like a non-event when paved and placing some planters or choosing to leave the earth open and planting some flowering shrubs or even a privet hedge is a better idea as this makes more of a feature of the front space.

Front gardens are often ignored when people prepare their homes for sale, but by paying some attention to the front garden you can change the way prospective buyers see your home as you alter their first impression and the way your home looks overall.

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