Your Guide to Hair Trends for this season 2015

Don’t know your ecaille from your wob? Got any idea what balayage means? You are not alone. But fear not, we have compiled a list of these confusing hair terms and given an explanation for each one.


Image: One Hair

Image: One Hair

This is the old version of ‘tortoiseshell’ or ‘ecaille’ and is a lightening colouring technique. Its literal meaning is ‘to paint or sweep’ and involves brushing the hair freehand, without using foils, to create a natural sun-kissed colour effect.

Who can wear balayage?

This colouring technique is suitable for most hair colours and lengths, but not advisable for very short, cropped hair. It is a great low maintenance way of colouring your hair, as the highlights grow out naturally. It is best done in a salon, as it is quite tricky to get a good result at home.

Balayage celebrity fans include Rihanna and Olivia Palmero.


Emma Stone Image: HairStalk

Emma Stone Image: HairStalk

We have all heard of the bob, but now there are different kinds of bob, so which is which?

A Lob is a long bob, which is very low maintenance and very easy to style.

Celebrity lob fans include Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts and Alexa Chung.

A Wob is a wavy bob, and has become increasingly popular. It is cut to the chin, but can be styled curly and with extra volujme and bounce.

Celebrity wob fans include Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce.


Rose Huntington Whiteley Image: Hair Style Stars

Rose Huntington Whiteley Image: Hair Style Stars

This is also called ‘tortoiseshell’ and is a new version of balayage, but instead of using lighter colours, it takes darker, caramels and browns, as well as highlights, to create a multi-layered look.

Who can wear ecaille?

This style is suitable for any hair style, whether short or long, but best suit longer hair as the effects are more dramatic.

Ecaille celebrity fans include Jessica Biel and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


Cheryl Cole Image: puiur.net

Cheryl Cole Image: puiur.net

This is also a colouring technique, but one in which mild, ammonia-free shades are added after highlights. This creates a super shiny look. The glazes have proven to provide a better shine than some serums or sprays. They come in nude or colour versions.

Who can try glazes?

Glazes are a great way for colour shy newbies who might not want to try a permanent colour.

Glaze celebrity fans include Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham.


Image: My Fashiony

Image: My Fashiony

We should all know by now that ombre is a colouring technique in which the hair gradually changes shade from light to dark. The effect is usually quite striking.

Sombré is a more subtle colouring, with a softer transition of the colouring change.


Image: Hello Giggles

Image: Hello Giggles

Pixelated hair is where pixel style square are coloured onto your hair, and came to attention via the social media hashtag #XPRESIONPIXEL. The effects can be subtle or more dramatic, by using shades similar to your own, or clashing neon brights.

Who can wear pixelated hair?
This is one hair trend that looks better on shorter hair.


Miley Cyrus Image: The Hair Styler

Miley Cyrus Image: The Hair Styler

Undercut is a cutting style in which your hair is cut or even shaved, either at the back or sides, and the rest of your hair is left significantly longer.

Who can wear an undercut?

Those with an attitude can pull off an undercut.

Celebrity fans of the undercut include Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding and Skrillex.

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