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Auburn Hair ColorHair styling is something that is almost always on demand. With the evolution and increasing demands of styling, new methodologies are being adopted to make the hair styling a perfect fashion factor. Hair color is one of them. Hair color has become a major part of the styling world today. It completely transforms your look from the good to the best.

Coloring your hair might seem easy on paper. When practical, it is a tough task. One needs to be really certain and careful when thinking of coloring their hair. Here are some factors one needs to keep in mind before heading for one.

Firstly, check out the tone you desire to use. This can be done by matching your skin tones with the colors. Like, if you are having golden or yellowish tones of skin, then you fall in a warm group category. Warmer hues of hair color will go well on with your personality. They give you a natural and better looks. And if you fall into pink skinned categories, then cool shades of hair color are ideal. These colors will make you appear bright and beautiful. Moreover, cool shades are great for real hair stylizes.

Hair Color Ideas

Now you know which type of colors to choose you need to test which hair color among the category you suit for. Colors like the red, yellow and orange fall in the warm colors group. You even find some colors named as medium warm brown or even the natural golden brown. These colors also are a part of warm colors. Colors like the blues, greens, purples and violets are cool colors. Even the dark ash blonde (mostly named on imported hair color packs) also are tones of cool colors. Knowing the colors is a great start for hair coloring.

If you are an all time hair coloring fond, then the choice is yours. But the ones only desiring to color their hair since long and are moving confused step towards it, here are some tips. You can basically start it with a use of a semi-permanent one. This kind of color washes out after a few wash. Using such colors helps you in testing your hair. If you are a beginner and use a permanent color, you are doing harm to your hair. It is not all hair these colors suit. So always start with the colors which wash out after few washes. Another choice one of the renowned hairstylists, Michelle Tung gives is to use shades of browns and burgundy, to be on safe sides.

Moving on, there are more than certain things one needs to be careful about when selecting as well as practicing a hair color.

  • Always before you head, check your hair. Determine the hair’s condition in terms of porosity and elasticity.
  • Whenever you choose color, choose it according to your personality and also your way of living. If you are an official, opt for decent and good appearing hair colors. If you are a teen, you can use cool colors as these will suit your age.
  • If you are using hair color for any occasion or a party, use colors which are quick and easy to wash away.
  • Always use hair colors in forms of dyes or, a spa hair coloring is a better option. Never use spray hair colors. These spray colors, though temporary, bring a great damage to the hair. So always avoid them.
  • Most important, ensure that you are not allergic to colors. Hair colors mostly contain strong chemicals, so before starting with one, get a skin test done.
  • Hair type and chemical treatments are very important in deciding the color palette. If you have dry and frizzy hair, always avoid blondes and any palette that has high levels of peroxide.
  • Hair coloring be it the global coloring or the highlighting may vary in terms of rates, but within the amount of 2000 is the right pay for hair color treatment.

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