Your Guide to Choosing a 4K Ultra HD TV

4K Ultra HD technology has burst onto the home theater scene, and is set to take the mainstream market of television consumers by storm. As with all new technology however, once manufacturers get on the bandwagon, the amount of available products starts to grow exponentially. It can then prove to be harder for consumers to want to make the most informed choice.

That’s where we come in. We have listed the four best 4K Ultra HD TV’s from the most affordable, best colours, great for film lovers and the ultimate best.

See which one might make it into your top spot.

Most Affordable – SAMSUNG HU8550

Samsung HU8550

Samsung HU8550

If you want this remarkable technology but are after a bargain, the cheapest we found Samsung’s HU8550 was on Amazon for $2070. It is also, arguably the best flat 4K TV that Samsung manufactures.

No matter what is playing, you get stunning picture quality, crisp contrast, deep colour definition and ultra-stunning black resolution.

As standard, you get Samsung’s Smart TV features which include a built-in Web browser, voice search, gesture controls and loads of accessible apps.

This is a great first 4K Ultra HD TV for those who want to try out this technology before they spend a huge amount of money on a more expensive device.

Best for Colours – PANASONIC AX800

Panasonic AX800

Panasonic AX800

If you want to be wowed by amazing colours, underpinned by some of the crispest blacks you’ve ever seen, then Panasonic’s AX800 is hard to beat.

With a plasma-like precision, the sheer depth and clarity of the picture gives documentaries, wildlife programmes and underwater filming, a stunning breadth of colour and hue the likes you’ve never seen.

The Smart TV interface is a little complicated for our liking, but once you have got used to it you should be OK.

There’s also a DisplayPort input for PC gamers, which allows for 4K gaming up to 60 FPS with nearly no latency.

Great for Film Lovers – SONY X950B

Sony X950B

Sony X950B

If you are a real film buff then the Sony X950B is the TV for you. It has a brilliant feature which allows it to upscale anything watched on TV to 4K Ultra HD. So 1080p Blu-ray films get the extra special attention of native 4K material thanks to Sony’s technology.

The X950B also comes with Sony Entertainment Network, so as standard you get not only tons of Sony-specific movies, but music and video game options (for users with a PS3 or PS4 controller) too.

The actual television does weigh quite a bit, and you might have to adjust the colours to suit you, but get ready for out-of-this world performance and crystal-clear picture.

The Ultimate Best – LG 65EC9700

LG 65EC9700

LG 65EC9700

It costs a wallet busting $10,000 but for that, the LG’s 65EC9700 is certainly the king of 4K Ultra HD televisions. The blacks are blacker, the colours are startling crisp, and the contrast is pinpoint perfection.

You get four different HDMI ports, a built-in Wi-Fi which is able to support several wireless display platforms, there’s an intuitive webOS user interface that comes with a full-function Web browser.

You can also use Skype video conferencing and Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video come with UHD capabilities.

If you have the cash to splash, get this television, this is not just a TV, it is a 3D experience!

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