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iHome Black Portable FM Stereo Boombox iP4G

The iHome Portable FM Stereo Boombox iP4G gives you the look of the early days of the boombox with the audio quality and modern accessories of today. That is not a cassette deck you see; it is actually a place to connect your iPod.

The retro look is just for the person who likes the 80’s look and in fact it may be a great gift for someone who grew up un that era. Of course the iHome Portable stereo boombox iP4G is more than just a deck station for your iPod or iPhone; it also includes an FM radio and TruBass signal technology, a powerful amplifier and it is truly portable. The boombox can be powered with 6 D batteries, or a power adapter.

Memorex MP3851

The Memorex MP3851 is the CD boombox that is perfect for those that want all the things that a boombox provides without taking a huge hit in the wallet. For starters the Memorex MP3851 is great to take everywhere because it is designed to be taken everywhere.

It is a modern boombox in all the sense of the word. It plays CDs and includes AM and FM radio, and that is good, but you cannot have a boombox today without being able to plug your MP3 Player, and this model does.

Other digital audio devices may be connected to the boombox however be advised that this model is not compatible with the iPod or iPhone. The performance is as good as you will get for the price, and you should not be shy about taking it to the outdoors and even the beach.

SONY Xplod CD Radio Cassette Recorder

The SONY Xplod CD Radio Cassette Recorder has the look of the Boomboxes of today, but the fact is that it falls short. While many people will be reasonably satisfied, the boombox is bulkier than it looks and taking it places is not as easy as it may be with others on the same price range.

The look says 2011, but the features are stuck on a previous decade. Is there really a need in new Boomboxes for a cassette player? It is a nice addition, but it should not be one of the main features. The sound is good up to a certain point. If you want it to play music at home then it is fine, but if you need a higher volume like say for a party or for the outdoors the volume quality is just not that great. The LCD display is small and can be trouble to read.

There is no real good way to go to a particular track, like for example if you are looking for track 8 on a CD you have to click 8 times to get there as opposed to dialing the track number. If you still have cassette player this boombox is one of the few that will still include the feature, but other than that, it may not be worth the hassle.

JVC Kaboom RV-NB50 Player Dock/Radio/CD Player

JVC Kaboom is the boombox that changed the way we think about Boomboxes. They are not only great sound systems, but they are also great to look at. The Kaboom RV-NB50 meets all the needs you can have for a boombox and sometimes even more.

This model is iPod/iPhone ready and can even be safe to take out even when the weather is not the greatest. It is easy to operate and the sound quality is top-notch. The CD played can handle almost any music file that you can throw at it and it comes with a remote control. The shoulder strap makes it easy to take anywhere. This boombox is a dream to have.

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