Your Child’s Booster Car Seat

The importance of a booster seat needn’t be reiterated, but it’s important to remember it when you’re having trouble fitting it in a new car or, worse, have to say goodbye to your dream car as your child won’t be able to fit its booster seat in the back. The booster seat keeps your child safe in the event of a collision and can prevent serious injury and even death from occurring.

As such, it is of course imperative that you never be tempted to forego this simple safety measure. Don’t allow your child to ride in a car without a suitable booster seat and, if you need to let him or her ride with someone else, make sure they have an appropriate booster seat available or lend them yours.

When you go out to buy a new booster seat, shops like Halfords are ideal as they offer a professional fitting service. Make sure you know your child’s weight and height as this is imperative to correct fitting, and be willing to spend the money required to purchase the highest quality seat available. Don’t just go off on your own, but ask for help and make sure you get professional assistance so you can be absolutely sure you’re buying a seat that can provide your child with the highest level of protection.

Something that is really important to remember is the fact that a booster seat (and, in fact, any child safety seat) should be replaced in the event of a collision. These events can weaken the structure of the booster seat and as such lower its effectiveness in a future situation. Don’t take any chances; replace the booster seats and charge the guilty party’s insurance for the privilege. It is a recognised requirement to keep your children safe in future. Don’t give these seats to charity as they will not be guaranteed to keep anyone else’s children safe, either.

Bear in mind that your child’s seat will need to be replaced as he or she grows. It can be very tempting to buy a seat that will keep your child safe from age 18 months until 4 years. I did this, in fact, foregoing a more expensive seat that would keep him safe for longer but cost quite a bit more. Unfortunately, my youngest son is oddly built with dinky legs and a long torso.

It was soon no longer possible for him to be comfortable whilst wearing the five-point harness, and we had to spend extra money on another booster seat that would accommodate his odd size. Paying out a bit of extra dosh can save you money in the long run, so try to buy smart instead of simply aiming to buy cheap.

Booster seats are not just a luxury; they are a necessity in keeping your children safe in the car and you can reasonably expect to use one until your child is well into primary school. Don’t skimp on these, as they can very realistically make the difference between life or death. Follow all the guidelines to the letter and remember that this is an important part of being a parent. Unlike other child-related paraphernalia, they are not simply a commercial scam but instead allow you to prepare for the possibility of a vehicular accident that could injure or even kill your children without the protection of an appropriate seat.

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