Your Bedroom: Maximise Your Sleepy Sanctuary

Your bedroom is your fortress, the one room that belongs to you and only you, or at most to you and your partner. It is where you recover from each day and prepare for the next one, and as such it should be a sanctuary geared towards maximum relaxation. And yet, for many people, the bedroom is the last place to be set to rights, and the room where mess is most likely to accumulate, away from the prying eyes of guests, postmen and other visitors.

To get as much enjoyment as possible from your bedroom, you need to make a change and transform it into your special retreat where you can get as much rest as possible. If you follow these simple steps you’ll find yourself in a bedroom that serves you better and feels more like home.

First of all, maximise your ability to get good quality sleep every night. A blackout blind can do wonders and is not too expensive. Credit-based shops like Littlewoods will carry them, but markets or bargain shops may also have their fair share. If all else fails, shops like Homebase are sure to have a selection in a variety of colours.

It is a documented fact that full darkness leads to better, more restful sleep. The light from passing cars or street lamps can disturb your sleep more than you realise. That is, until you install proper blinds and find out how restorative sleep in darkness can be!

Noisy neighbours can disturb your sleep immensely. Luckily, most neighbours are considerate enough to quiet down at night, but if they watch the television or listen to the radio in bed you may find yourself living next door to a loud bedroom, and this may disturb your rest on an ongoing basis.

Of course, it’s important to maintain cordial relationships with your neighbours, and you don’t want to call the police out for a minor disturbance that is clearly not malicious in nature. So work on ways to block out the noise from your side. Ensure your bed is arranged against a wall that isn’t shared with the neighbours’ house; sleeping with your head right by the source of the noise is a bad idea. Moving your wardrobe and bookshelves up against the shared wall can be a great way to block some of the noise. If all else fails, a white noise machine or simply a running fan can drown out the noise and help you get to sleep.

Removing your television from your bedroom and choosing to read books or have quiet conversations instead is a good idea; your bedroom should be for sleeping and relaxing, and it has been found that also watching the television in there can hamper relaxation and the ability to sleep well. The same goes for clutter, and having a more ascetic bedroom that is easily kept clean and tidy will help you feel at home and calm down at the end of the day, which will help you cope with the stress of day to day life and get quality rest.

Finally, make sure you have some low lighting allowing you to read without having the bright glare of your main light fixture. Low lighting enhances the ability to chill out and may make it far easier to unwind at the end of the day.

While everyone needs a bedroom to sleep in, your rest can be greatly improved by making a few minor adjustments. Better sleep means better quality of life, so get to work and make sure you get the most out of your nights!

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