Youngest designer Isabella Rose Taylor debuts at New York Fashion Week

Isabella Rose Taylor © Reuters

Isabella Rose Taylor © Reuters

It just goes to show, if you have a dream you’re never too young to achieve it, and that’s exactly what 13 year-old designers Isabella Rose Taylor did at last week’s New York’s Fashion Week.

The teenager showed off her latest collection at the prestigious runway event on Tuesday, and gave an utterly professional performance. Not content with that, the young designer also launched her very own Isabella Rose Taylor line for juniors, which will sell exclusively at Nordstrom.com.

© Isabella Rose Taylor

© Isabella Rose Taylor

The girl from Austin, Texas showcased her Spring 2015 collection, featuring tops with clouds and fringing to imitate rain, babydoll overalls and floral maxi dresses.

Taylor said backstage after the show: ‘I’m so excited. The adrenaline is pumping. It was so amazing.’

She admitted that she has been painting since the age of three, and interested in fashion from a young age, having graduated from high school at 11 years-old:

‘I’ve always loved creating, ever since I was little. I’ve been painting as long as I can remember and doing fashion since I was eight,’ she added. ‘I just love being able to share it.’

It was when she took a took a week-long sewing class, hoping to incorporate textiles into her artwork that she realised her love of fashion design as well. It led her to taking the class twice more that summer:

‘It just started out as a really fun hobby and it grew into a business over the years,’ she added, ‘I just really fell in love with it the way I fell in love with art, and I realized that I just had so much fun connecting the two.’

© Isabella Rose Taylor

© Isabella Rose Taylor

The fact that Taylor was young was an advantage to corporate merchandise manager Jennifer Jackson Brown at Nordstrom, who said that she had actually been trying to track Isabella down after seeing her on a television appearance:

‘What we really liked about her is that she is actually the age of customer so there’s that reliability factor that she has,’ Jackson Brown said. ‘And on top of it, she’s quite aspirational for them at the same time.’

Jackson Brown was also impressed with how Taylor explained how each piece worked with the others:

‘She’s actually quite a visionary at the age of 13,’ Jackson Brown said. ‘I think sometimes what a designer misses is that people want to understand how to dress head-to-toe and she was able to do that,’ Jackson Brown said.

© Isabella Rose Taylor

© Isabella Rose Taylor

Taylor’s mother commented that it was apparent early on that Isabella had an aptitude for art:

‘When she was really young we really noticed how she played with colors and it was just very unusual,’ she said. ‘We knew that something was happening so we just kept buying her more colors. She’s tried a lot of different things and some things stuck and something things didn’t, but art and fashion have been consistent,’ she said, adding that her daughter’s fashion career ‘just kind of snowballed.’

As for Taylor, she may have hit the heady heights of New York Fashion Week, but she is keeping her feet firmly on the ground:

‘The way I see it is I get to follow my dream and be a teenager at the same time. I think I’m pretty lucky in that respect,’ she said.

Source: MailOnline.

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