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After the recent release of pictures of Harper, the newborn baby girl of the Beckhams, it seems she is likely to become the next child fashion icon, following in the footsteps of Suri Cruise; Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes little girl.

At just five years old, Suri Cruise has many a times been dubbed a young fashionista, with clothes she’s seen in literally

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

selling out the same day. Voted one of the most stylish females around, Suri Cruise is currently the girl others wish they could be, wearing the clothes mums want to see their daughters in.

So, with a newborn baby girl born to the David and Victoria Beckham several days ago, fashion icons in their own right, among other things, it seems Harper may be about to set a new standard for young girls, both in the UK and in America. Also, with a name of Harper Beckham surprising people to say the least, David has supposedly explained the reason behind the unusual choice, stating that Victoria has also been inspired by fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. It seems even her name is fashion inspired, starting as she means to go on.

With Suri showing off new designer clothes and accessories whenever she’s in the public eye, such as Armani, Marc Jacobs, and Versace, as well as sporting kitten heels, she has definitely developed an individual style, thanks to stylish mum Katie Holmes. It will therefore be interesting to see the style Harper Beckham develops, especially since Victoria and Katie are such good friends. With joint shopping trips sometimes lasting up to five hours, with kids in tow too, hopefully Harper will enjoy shopping and most likely competing in the fashion stakes with Suri Cruise, as it certainly looks set to become a regular pastime.

It seems the Beckham’s little girl has already become lucky in the fashion stakes, by being born to such a fashionista as Victoria Beckham. Being sure to inherit a lifetime of designer clothes and shoes, being a tom boy simply won’t do, especially as her first pair of booties were Christian Laboutins and diamond encrusted…say no more.

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