You’ll love the Margherita Missoni Collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids

You’ll love the Margherita Missoni Collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids

I’ve always loved Missoni, true story. From the first time I saw their signature zig zags and stripes they had me hooked like no other fashion house. The Italian designer brand is not normally associated with children’s products but heiress to the label Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos is set to change all that.

She has just launched a home collection for children with her latest collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids. Two years ago Amos released a children’s wear line called Margherita Kids, which was an instant success.

She says of the home collection: “I think it’s a natural progression, from dressing myself and my children, to dressing the home.”

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Kids

The Margherita Missoni for Pottery Barn Kids includes around 50 items, all designed by Amos, featuring primary colours in pastels shades that can be easily mixed and matched. There are chests of drawers, rugs, waste bins, stools, lamps, mobiles, mirrors, pendant lamp shades, quilt covers, pillows, cushions and much more.

Amos uses a signature daisy motif in much of the collection, it pops up in rugs and mirrors and petals on chairs.

The main colour in the collection is white but Amos has bought in vibrant splashes of gender neutral accents that can be used for little girls or boys.

In designing the collection, Amos said that her goal was to “create pieces that encourage self-expression and inspire children to explore their individuality.”

To this end she has strived to design a collection of pieces that are fun and that the children and the parents will enjoy.

Although there are no stripes anywhere that we can see in the range of furniture and home goods, Amos said that her upbringing in the Missoni household definitely inspired her: “I developed an eye for color and texture and mixing and matching. That’s definitely been very influential on my personal style.”

As for designing the collection, it wasn’t really hard work for the Italian mother who has two children of her own, as she loves playing around with patterns and using loads of colour when she is designing.

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Kids

And you might have thought that coming from such an inspirational family like Missoni she might have sought advice from her family members, but Amos says not:

“Designing this collection has been a very personal journey. I think my experiences as a mother have greatly influenced the design process, so perhaps I need credit my sons!”

When she set about creating individual pieces she wanted them to be functional and items that they felt they could approach, which meant they were the children’s size.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from the collection:

Add some summer flower power to your little one’s room with this brightly coloured floral rug.

Adorable felt animals that go around and around whilst the mobile plays ‘You are my Sunshine’.

Margherita Missoni Anywhere Chair® – $129

This is a soft as you like chair made especially for little ones that cushions them perfectly.

Margherita Missoni Dripped Side Table – $89

Made from sturdy wood, this little side table will become the most useful thing in your child’s bedroom.

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Kids

Bring out your sunny side every time you look into this cute bright yellow daisy mirror.

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Kids

You can use these baskets for storing almost anything as they are made from natural seagrass and come in two sizes.

Shop the Margherita Missoni for Pottery Barn Kids here. All images courtesy Margherita Missoni for Pottery Barn kids.

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