You can blind buy the famous Acqua di Gio without thinking about it twice

I am sure that every one of you is aware of the luxury brands of Giorgio Armani that has been one of the well-known high ended brands and a brand that has been worn by people who belong to the elite class. This company does not only make perfumes but you can also get hold of some of the luxurious clothing collection of your life. This brand speaks of class, elegance and richness.

Out of the umpteenth products this brand has come up with, the one which is new and is in high demand is the Acqua di Gio which is a men’s perfume. It has an amazing masculine smell which would take your breath away. It has a startling masculine aroma in it which would make you stand out from the many. Made after a lot of research, this perfume smells of freshness and coolness as the same time. In fact since the fragrance is not that strong even ladies can use them. This is one of the best perfumes for you to use in the summers as it gives you a fresh feeling and would also tickle your senses giving you a relaxed feel once you spray the product.

One of the most exciting and good part about Acqua di Gio is that, it is not meant for a particular age group. Since it is not strong no matter whatever age group you belong to you can use it.

The smell is durable enough and it stays on for quiet a long time. You need not use a lot as only a few sprays do the magic. Such was the rage for this product, after shaves and lotions were also later introduced in the market.

You can catch hold of one in any showroom and the price generally does not go up above $ 150. If you are someone who would not want to spend so much for the bottle of perfume then you can order them on-line for an amount that would exceed $ 90.

The fresh and pleasant smell of the Acqua di Gio perfume has some mixed reviews. Some of them say that it is best for the summers while some of them have said that if you are into good perfumes you can use this cologne any time. People have said that though the price is expensive it is worth and some of the reviews have said that it is a little over hyped.

Apart from the reviews one thing that can be said at this point is if you are into brand and have not used the Acqua di Gio products then it is always better to start using an Armani product with this one as the perfumes and the after shave lotions are not only cheap but you would know for yourself how good or bad the product is.

However, this perfume has good reviews. 

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