One Direction launches designer glasses for girls

Not content with releasing a fragrance, a set of stationary, and a make-up collection, those clever boys from One Direction have decided to launch their very own range of glasses, and they are just for girls! Proving that there really is nothing these boys will put their name to in order to make a few quid while they can, the 1D guys have signed up with Vision Express and released a set of seven styles of glasses for girls aged between 7 and 12.

One Direction © SIPAUSA/REX

One Direction © SIPAUSA/REX

We are presuming older girls would have more sense and style but the One Direction boys shouldn’t get too upset as I suspect they had nothing to do with the design of the glasses.


Still, despite the fact that the guys do not wear glasses themselves and have no experience in designing specs, they reckon they are qualified to stick their name on the seven styles. Just so that you know you are buying ID glasses, the One Direction name is emblazoned all over the arms of them, or you can buy a pair with the signatures of each ‘band’ member on them. I say band member; of course, none of them play any instruments.


The glasses come in either plastic or metal frames, and quite frankly, are nothing special, in fact, several pairs remind me of the NHS ones I had to wear when I was eight. And the prices are pretty steep too for glasses in this age category, at £131 each but you can get them for £40 if you qualify for an NHS voucher.


Just to push the ID point a little more, the glasses are also named after either the band members or 1D song names, with the band’s tracks One Thing, Little Things and Young used as names for three of the styles, and Niall used for two of the frames. Another one of the styles is called Mullingar, which is named after Niall Horan’s hometown in County Westmeath, Ireland. Snore.


Vision Express are pretty chuffed at the exclusive range, and state on their website: “Exclusive to us at Vision Express, Million-selling British boyband One Direction have released their latest merchandise – an exclusive range of girls frames.”


Early feedback from the public in reaction to the specs range seems to be rather cynical, with many stating that the band are merely ‘creaming money off stupid teenagers’, whilst others are concerned that anyone wearing these glasses are likely to get bullied at school.


Some people commenting do make the point that the 1D boys probably had nothing to do with the glasses range, and are just puppets for Simon Cowell, whilst others state that they are just trying to make a living and we would all do what they have done if we got the chance. Still, it’s their name on it, and they are making money from the range.


So, if your preteen loves 1D and wants a pair of glasses the band probably had nothing to do with, head over to Vision Express.

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