Xperia Z is world’s thinnest tablet say Sony

The Japanese electrical giant Sony have revealed their latest tablet – the Sony Xperia Z and say that it is the thinnest tablet computer currently on the market.

The Android powered Xperia Z is a mere 0.27in (6.9mm)-thick, that’s a whole 0.01in thinner than Apple’s iPad Mini, despite the Xperia sporting a bigger 10.1in screen. There is only confirmation that the new device will be available in Japan, but we can expect more details next month, of specifications and where it will be available to buy.



The Sony Xperia is not only waterproof, but can also boast to being the lightest for its size. Sony says that it weighs 1.1lb (495g) – which is just a fraction below the Toshiba Excite 10 LE which previously laid claim to the title.

In addition to the tablet being waterproof, it is also dust-resistant as it features similar plastic covers to protect its ports as are found on the firm’s Xperia Z smartphone, which was announced a fortnight ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Photograph: TechRadar

Photograph: TechRadar

The two Sony devices have been designed to be compatible with each other, allowing photos and other data to be transferred between the phone and tablet using the firm’s “one-touch sharing” facility which is activated by waving the machines close to each other to activate their near field communications (NFC) chips.

And it seems that so far, computer experts are impressed, with David McQueen, principal analyst at the Informa Telecoms and Media consultancy, telling the BBC: “It’s a good product and on the face of it should do well, but it is hampered by a potential squeeze on the larger tablet segment as a lot of consumers and other manufacturers are moving to the smaller 7in-to-8in form factor – in part because of their cheaper price,”

“So the success of the Sony tablet might ultimately be determined by how much it costs as well as whether the firm bundles some of the content it owns from its music, movie and gaming divisions.”

Sony revealed the new Xperia Z as part of Japanese network NTT Docomo’s Spring line-up announcement.

It is thought that Sony are trying to lure customers away from Apple and Samsung devices, in an effort to boost their profits. Sony are now concentrating all their efforts on communication devices, as TV sales have suffered in the last few years.

Photograph: TechRadar

Photograph: TechRadar

“It’s a rational strategy for Sony to focus on mobile devices including tablets as its TV business is no longer a cash cow,” said Keita Wakabayashi, an analyst at Mito Securities Co. in Tokyo. “Still, the tricky part of the tablet business is that products can conflict with laptop computers on one hand and smartphones on the other.”

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