X Factor winners Little Mix launch Mini Me Dolls

It has to be said that you haven’t really made in in showbusiness until you have had a doll made of you. So last year’s X Factor winners Little Mix must be truly on top of the world, as they revealed to the Daily Mirror today, four of the cutest mini me dolls, released just in time for their fans to buy for Christmas. The four girls, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall revealed their plastic mini-me’s to the world on Wednesday, and have now joined the ranks of such other groups including the Spice Girls, who also have had dolls made of themselves.

According to the Daily Mirror, the girls have signed a six figure deal to have the girls available by Christmas. But the only problem with the swift release is that some are already complaining they cannot make out which doll is supposed to be which. Jade Thirlwall currently sports a bright red auburn hair do, but her doll has a weird purple coloured barnet, whilst Jesy is the girl in the band with a chocolate brown colour, and yet it is her doll that comes with the bright red hair. And it seems that Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne also revealed they initially were a little bit skeptical about their dolls and thought it was a little bit weird.

Leigh-Anne spoke to the Mirror and said: “It was so weird seeing a mock-up of them. Seeing our heads like that… We didn’t have any hair so we were just these bald heads. And we were, like, “Our noses don’t look like that! They did get a few minor things wrong but, aside from this, it was the most surreal thing.” Whilst Perrie revealed that originally is was a joke to have their own dolls made in their image: “When we originally said that we wanted our own doll range, it was us taking the mick. But now it’s actually happening! I can’t believe I’ll be able to buy myself in Toys R’ Us!”

Jade continues: “We got to dress them up, put them in our clothes, our own styles. Mine has little high-pump trainers with bows on and everything. It’s brilliant.” Perrie adds: “I looked like the Child Catcher off Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. My nose was huge and long. I told them to just give me a nail file and I’d chisel it down. We’re really selling the dolls here, aren’t we? Yeah, don’t buy our dolls – they’re soooo ugly!”

The girls have been busy this year and apart from releasing the doll collection, have been working on their new album which is set to be released later this year. They have also signed an exclusive deal with budget retailer Primark, to design and create their own clothing range.

The doll collection will be available from Toys R’ Us later this year.

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