X Factor 2012 New Format Not a Hit With Fans


Every year, the powers that be slightly tweak the format of the X Factor, in order to garner more viewers, and it appears that every year the people that watch it do not like the changes. And this year exactly the same thing has happened. In fact, fans of the show, which is now being likened to Britain’s Got Talent, with the way the contestants are being overly interviewed before auditioning, are taking to Twitter to voice their concerns. Disgruntled fans are not liking the extended amount of time that is being spent on particular contestants. The new format appears to focus for longer on one or two main contestants, actually following them through the whole process of the audition, in order for viewers to emphasise with them.

One such contestant, Rylan, was videoed at his home having a spray tan before he attempted to sing. Another, a chimney sweep called Kye, who sang a medley which included the current judge Rita Ora’s RIP tune, was taped at work. It appears that the new format will show one contestant in full, with an in-depth background story on them, and then go to a commercial break.

Problem is that fans are not liking this new format and want to see more actual auditions with more contestants being allowed onto the stage to sing. Some are saying that the new format seems to be very similar to the reality TV show TOWIE. The X Factor is saying that the viewing figures have gone up from the launch show and that they have gained more viewers in the second show. It could be that fans are waiting to see if this change in format is permanent or just a temporary phase whilst the first few shows get underway. However, for some people the auditioning stages are the best part of the show, and if they think that this in-depth interviewing at the start is not appropriate, once the contestants get to the judges houses, there is undoubtably going to be more focus on them.

Comments so far from annoyed fans include; ‘What has happened to the x factor? The format is like towie!!!’ ‘Xfactor looks like it’s trying too hard.tweaking the format.in a word.cack!’ ‘The new format of x factor sucks#sweptaway…..more like#walkaway.’ ‘What the hell is this new X Factor format all about – show one performer for 10mins and go to advert?’ ‘X factor has turned into TOWIE. Not the people, the format. Eurgh.’ ‘Annoying TOWIE format’.

It is thought that the producers changed the format after last year’s X Factor received complaints that viewers did not get to know the contestants very well and that they were shoved in front of the judges too quickly without any background information. It would appear that now they have gone to the extreme and are taking to much time with individuals. Perhaps a nice balance of a couple of contestants in every segment with a splattering of others auditioning would be a good compromise. But then, what do I know?

It remains to be seen whether bosses will continue with this format or act to tweak it again. But with the filming now at the judges houses, it might be a case of too much too late.

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