Now Wrangler launches cellulite busting jeans!

Us ladies who suffer from the dreaded curse of cellulite will probably have already heard about the Proskins leggings that promise to reduce the orange peel effect. We may even have a bottle or two of expensive lotions and potions that guarantee proven results when it comes to dealing with the dimpled skin associated with cellulite. We might even have tried brushing daily with a coarse brush and drinking litres of boring water.

If we were well up on our cellulite treatments, we could have even booked in for a Balancer session, in which we spend around forty minutes having our thighs and buttocks massaged and our lymph systems drained. But now it seems there is an even easier solution to our cellulite woes, and jeans brand Wrangler of all people have come up with a novel idea to help us suffering ladies.


The US jeans brand’s ‘Smooth Legs’ skinny jeans from the new Denim Spa range are designed to tackle cellulite as they are made from fabric treated with orange peel-busting ingredients such as caffeine, retinol and algae extract.

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And in clinical tests, Wrangler say that results showed that 69 per cent of those trialling the jeans reported an improvement in the appearance of their thighs. The US jeans company managed to get some volunteers to test the jeans at the Institut Adriant in France, wore the jeans for eight hours a day, five days a week during the six-week testing period.

The jeans in the Denim Spa range start at £85 per pair, and come three different styles; the skinny ‘Courtney’, ‘Molly’ and ‘Corynn’ styles. They go on sale on the 28th January at ASOS.com.

And although the interior coating only lasts for 15 wears, or between four and six washes, to combat this situation, canny Wrangler has also created a ‘reload spray’ to use after each wash, which should extend the beauty benefits for up to 95 wears.

And when that has finished, you’ll still be left with a pair of super fine jeans, and super lovely dimple free thighs, hopefully!

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