Wowcher: Where’s My Voucher?

Cut price voucher website Wowcher are facing a barrage of angry customers and complaints, after the vouchers they have issued have failed to deliver ordered products. Coupled with the fact that some customers are even getting spammed emails from them, with details of the same bargains, when the customer has not yet received their original order, this simply adds insult to injury.

So what is going wrong? Wowcher is underwritten by The Associated Newspapers Ltd, and the way it works is that you have a look at the relevant deals you are interested in, or you may get an email from them if you have subscribed to their mailing list; then, if you like a certain deal you buy it. Wowcher have already bought a number of these items, or services etc, but you will only get the great deal if enough people sign up for the deal, i.e. if Wowcher get to the ‘tipping point’. Tipping point means the minimum number of vouchers that have to be sold on the site before the deal is released.

This is because Wowcher use ‘collective buying power’ to secure a massive group discount in order to pass these great savings onto the customer. But if only a few people order and purchase what the deal of the day is, they cannot pass these savings on, as they have not reached the tipping point and not enough people have exhausted their supplies.

Wowcher also promise a ‘no quibble’ 7 day money back guarantee but customers are finding that this is either not the case, and they are being refused a refund, or the 7 days has passed and they are still waiting for goods, months after purchasing. Some customers have had their credit cards debited twice for the same goods and others cannot get hold of a member from customer services.

Many of the complaints regarding Wowcher centre around the difficulty customers are facing when it comes to either getting their money back, or getting an answer as to where their goods are. Wowcher appear to only be interested in selling on the vouchers and then washing their hands of their customers. In fact, one such customer was told that there was a delay in processing their order as there had been a death in the family! Several others have been told that due to the company not receiving payment from Wowcher, their orders have been cancelled, but both these ladies had already paid Wowcher and Wowcher were now refusing to refund them.

People that have bought Wowcher vouchers and are still having problems with goods that have not been despatched, or vouchers that have not arrived yet, should contact Wowcher at enquiries@wowcher.co.uk.

You can also telephone them on 01332 253 089 between 09:00-17:00 BST Monday to Friday or rite to them at:


Northcliffe House

Meadow Road



Most people that have been disappointed with Wowcher recommend Groupon, who now appear to have got their act together, or LivingSocial.

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