Would You Use a Dry Conditioner?

I must admit, I have never used dry shampoo; if I haven’t the time to wash my hair I’ll just have a bad hair day and wear it up or in a pony tail. The idea of spraying chemicals into my less than squeaky clean locks simply doesn’t seem right. But to then spray on a dry conditioner? I don’t see it taking off somehow. Mind you, there are some ladies who swear by the convenience of using dry shampoo, so I guess this has to be the target market. In the US this revolutionary new product is taking the country by storm, as thousands of busy Americans are buying dry conditioner, to compliment the dry shampoo they already use. Pantene, got2Be and Schwarzkoft have launched their versions of a dry conditioner, which uses oils and nutrients that turn into a dry powder when sprayed through an aerosol.

A dry conditioner apparently delivers as much nutrients and conditioner as a regular leave-in conditioner, but on dry hair, not wet. The way a dry conditioner works is that it adds shine and protection to coarse and chemically treated dry ends, whereas a dry shampoo soaks up excess oils from unwashed hair. Online style magazine – Refinery 29, spoke to celebrity stylist Danilo about using a dry conditioner. He said there is a main difference between using a dry conditioner and a regular leave-in conditioner is that the leave in ones often make your hair feel heavy, whereas a dry conditioner works to keep the oils and nutrients ‘suspended in powdered or dry form’. “You can spray them on your hair without getting it wet and messing up your style. I enjoy dry conditioners as a finish. They enhance and texturize while doing good by your hair at the same time. They are also a great way to get fresh hair to achieve an undone, tousled finish and a great way to give lackluster hair a pump up without a full shampoo, condition, and blowout. You can first use dry shampoo and then a dry conditioner on clean or dirty hair.”

In the UK however, we have been using dry conditioners for years, and a favourite amongst customers is Vitapointe, which is actually a cream but works exactly the same way as the sprays. Vitapointe Leave In Dry Conditioner is suitable for all hair types but is specially formulated to help prevent dry, dull hair. When massaged onto the hair, Vitapointe Leave In Dry Conditioner contains ingredients that coat the hair improving the overall softness and smoothness that dry hair can lack. Vitapointe Leave In ry Conditioner is ideal for use when hair has become dry by making the hair manageable and easy to style, giving a softer, shiny and healthy appearance.

You can buy Vitapointe Dry Conditioner at Boots for £2.03.

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