Worldwide Developers Conference: What to expect from Apple

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco is always one of the most eagerly anticipated tech events in the calendar.

While it’s an event predominantly meant for software designers, so they can see what’s coming next and start working on apps for the upcoming platforms, it means us mere mortals will also be afforded a glimpse of what Apple has up its sleeve.

So, just what can we expect from the Californian tech giant?

iOS 7

iO7 rumours

New software for the iPhone is widely expected to be the biggest talking point at the event. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already revealed that English designer Jony Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, is behind the latest iOS. Speculation is rife that iOS 7 will have a flatter, more stark design, rather than the 3D textures we’ve seen in the past. Apple is also said to be looking into more shortcut swiping techniques, AirDrop sharing to share files, and bringing in more Yahoo content in a bid to further distance itself from Google.



Apple has just announced it is to launch its own music streaming service following a series of deals with major music groups, so this latest move is bound to be discussed in more depth at WWDC. Deals with Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music mean Apple will be going head-to-head with the likes of Spotify and Pandora. iRadio is tipped to be an extension of iTunes and will be a free service, backed by advertising, that will stream music according to listener preferences.

MacBook upgrades


Recently, rival manufacturers, including Sony and Toshiba, have been stepping into the high-end notebook arena. And, Apple is expected to hit back with upgrades to its iconic MacBook Pro and MacBook Air gizmos. Certainly users of the trade-in website Gazelle believe something is afoot as the company says it has seen huge trade-in increases. “When compared to the same week before WWDC last year, this represents a 171% increase in MacBook trades,” said Gazelle, “which can be most likely attributed to consumer anticipation of a new fleet of MacBooks.”



There have long been rumours that Apple was gearing up to compete with the likes of Pebble and Sony. Latest speculation, from Citi analyst Glen Yeung, points to an “increasingly likely” launch during the second half of this year. While some analysts suggested a release date of 2016, Russian newspaper Izvestia has reported Apple has filed for a trademark on the term iWatch in Russia, so perhaps the much-talked about watch could adorn our wrists sooner than expected.

New iPhones or iPads

New iphone

Always the most hotly anticipated gizmos from Apple, fans will be looking out for any mention of new iPhone or iPad models. But, Cook has already indicated that Apple won’t be releasing any new products until autumn, which is when Apple has previously announced its new iPhone and iPad ranges. So, it seems unlikely the firm will break its own pattern and make an announcement at WWDC.

Watch this space to see what Apple reveals.

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