Work-out tips for the mother-to-be

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and beautiful phases of a woman’s life. The only not-so-good aspect about pregnancy is the fact that the woman ends up putting on a lot of weight. This can however be controlled by following a regular work-out regime throughout the pregnancy. Regular exercises don’t just keep body weight under check but also help in easing the pregnancy related aches.

Basic exercises for pregnant women:

Basic exercises are essential for every pregnant woman as it helps in increasing the strength of the body and makes a woman more flexible. These exercises take only 10 minutes but make sure to do these exercises under experienced instructor as a safety measure.

ŸUpper back region stretching or Arm stretching:

ŸRaise your arms over head and hold it for 25 seconds making sure your elbows are straight in posture. Repeat 4-5 times. Keep your back straight and lower your arms . Now stretch a bit and hold it for a few seconds then release.

ŸAbdominal exercise popularly called six-pack abs:

During pregnancy, there is a need for the check of the separation of abdominal   muscles. This can happen gradually or at times drastically. Lie down on floor and bent your knees. Breathe in slowly through your nose then breathe out slowly through lips and raise your head slowly. Lower your chin towards chest and slightly lift your shoulders.

ŸStretching-calf exercise:

Sit straight and start leaning against a wall then keep one leg behind the other while keeping your heel on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times with each leg.

While comfort is of paramount importance in case of a mother-to-be; there is no reason why you can’t stay stylish and trendy while being casual and comfortable. Here are some stylish maternity clothes that can be used for work-out sessions as well.

Ÿ  For a casual day look, buy yourself a Bright Red or Black Swing dress with a slashed neckline, button fastening. Pair your swing dress with black leggings and strapped mid-heels.

Ÿ  Buy a shift dress in blue, black or pink with a chiffon panel and a button closure. Team up with black leggings.

Ÿ  For summers, buy some maternity pants and skirts teamed with Flare tops and tunics.

Ÿ  For winters, buy tunics and ribbed sweaters( body fitting) or other knit wear. Long tunics and Wrap around tops teamed with leggings and high boots looks stylish and comfortable simultaneously.

Ÿ  For work, try pencil skirts paired with polka dot blouse or stripe top and mid-high heels.

Ÿ  For a simple evening look, go in for a Tea dress in Red which should be light in weight and made of semi sheer fabric. Mid-length Tea dress gives you an elegant and sophisticated appeal.

Ÿ  For a night out look, buy a blue knee-length wrap dress which looks quite fitted and pair it with heels.

Ÿ  For those special occasions or weddings, try Wrap bust maxi gown in black, red or shades of blue paired with stilettos.

Ÿ  You can also go in for a knee-length lace dress in black paired with high heels, One-shoulder maxi gown or One-shoulder knee-length dress paired with strapped heels.

Ÿ  Try Belted mid-dress when you hang out with your friends and pair it with flat chic shoes.


Ÿ  MIMI MATERNITY: A bit expensive but worth buying maternity clothes.

Ÿ  MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY: Known best for maternity wear. Returns accepted with in 30days of purchase.

Ÿ  CIRCLEWORKS MATERNITY: Funky, classic maternity wear available online. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Ÿ  GLOBAL MATERNITY: Maternity clothes available online for pregnant women across the globe.

Ÿ  BUMPS MATERNITY UK: Stylish and affordable maternity clothes.

Ÿ  ADORE MATERNITY: Fashionable, trendy and affordable maternity clothes. They also offer skincare products for pregnant women.

Ÿ  MAMA COCOON DESIGNER WEAR: Maternity and nursing wear made from organic cotton range.

Ÿ  HEAVENLY BUMP MATERNITY WEAR: Stylish and affordable maternity designed clothes.

Ÿ  QUEEN BEE: Online Maternity boutique for pregnant women.

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