8 of the Best Wireless Chargers to Power Up Your Smartphone

Wireless technology is getting everywhere these days, including charging up our devices. The way wireless chargers work is that the charger creates an electromagnetic field which your smartphone can use to charge the battery up. Many major phone manufacturers are now producing wireless chargers to complement their products, but many others are not. That’s why we are showcasing eight of the best wireless chargers on the market today.

Dodocool Fast Wireless Charger: £13.99

Wireless Chargers

This is definitely the best value for money as it has a quick-charge setting and a standard one. It is thin and attractive and has lights which indicate whether it is charging or on standby.

IKEA NORDMÄRKE White Cork Wireless Charger: £15.00

Wireless Chargers Not only does this look classy but we love the fact that unlike some chargers you’d want to hide away, this wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in the house. Our only gripe is that the maximum power of 5W which means it’s probably best to leave your phone on it overnight.

Burkley Leather Fast Wireless Charger Base: £24.00

Wireless Chargers Rave reviews from customers who are pleased with the quality and operation of this wireless charger. Lovely thin body adds to the aesthetic of the product, it automatically starts and stops charging and recognises any device that is wireless-compatible.

Slopehill Wireless Car Charger: £29.99

wireless chargers

What is worse than running out of charge when you are travelling in your car? Now, thanks to this ingenious wireless charger from Slopehill, you can charge your phone on the go. The device works as a normal phone holder but charges too. Customers rave about the quality of the product.

Fashion QI Charger Lush Leopard: £44.99

Wireless Chargers

These wireless chargers come in a range of colours and patterns so if you don’t like this pink leopard spot design there are plenty more to choose from. As for the technical side of things, the charger will power up any device that supports wireless charging.

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Fast Wireless Charging Pad: £49.99

Wireless Chargers

The problem with many wireless chargers is the way they charge generates a lot of heat. What we like about the Anker Powerwave is that it has a special cooling fan built in to combat overheating. It also charges 30 times faster than all the other chargers we tested. It will charge any make of phone, even flip-style and through the thickest of cases so you don’t even have to remove your case.

Marie Wolt Wireless Charger – Moroccan Mosaic – Gold: €59.95

Wireless Chargers

Simply stunning is all we can say about the designs from Marie Wolt. But it is not a case of style over substance, the wireless charger has a respectable 10W of power which means fast charging. It is also slim and comes in a range of gorgeous designs, we defy you to pick just one.

Bang & Olufsen QI Charging Pad: £110.00

Wireless Chargers

This is a stylish wireless charging pad made from high-quality materials. It is constructed from leather and finished with a rose-gold aluminium frame. It will charge any device that supports wireless charging.





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