Winter Exercise Plans That Will Keep You Moving

Staying healthy is important to more and more people every year. Exercise can be a really big part of that, especially if your cardiovascular wellness is important to you or if you have a family history of heart disease or weight-related illnesses. But with winter around the corner, keeping fit is not as self-evident. Why not check these suggestions for winter exercise that will keep you moving all through the winter and might keep you warm, too?

Exercising outside is a great hobby for a large number of people, and running and cycling can be very good ways to keep fit and healthy. In any weight loss programme, these two exercises are among the most successful and obviously they allow you to fit your exercise in around your work and family life. Furthermore, they require relatively little in terms of investment.

However, running or cycling in rainy and snowy weather, when it’s cold enough for icicles to form, is not always the best idea, so what can you do? First of all, cycling is just not a good idea when the weather is very poor.

The issue lies in the road conditions; you can’t always control whether or not your bicycle will skid, and if it does you could well be catapulted into the path of an oncoming vehicle, which could not only damage your bicycle but also cause you no end of physical trauma. As such, putting the bike aside for the winter may well be a good idea unless you have some pretty special bicycle trails near your home and can purchase tyres which will have better grip on the road.

Running, on the other hand, can remain a large part of your routine as long as you can pay close attention to your body’s cues. When it gets exceedingly cold, it may be a bad idea to keep on running and you also need to pay close attention to road conditions, but as you will be running on the pavement and not in the road you are in far less danger if you do slip or fall. You may find it freezing cold at first, but after a little while you will see that the exercise warms your body and you’ll feel a bit better. Soon you’ll be feeling well hot! Check running websites for further advice about warmer running gear, and don’t forget that hydration remains very important!

A gym membership can be the perfect alternative to these solutions and you may well find that it is a fun and effective way to keep on top of your physical fitness. However, be aware that many gyms have a lock-in period and you may well be committing to a year’s contract. Look for gyms which don’t have an annual contract so you can go back to your outdoorsy activities after the weather starts looking up, or simply check out classes at your local leisure centre, which requires no contract at all and can be quite affordable indeed. Alternatively, try buying some fitness DVDs or use your games consoles’ fitness programmes and games to keep you busy.

Exercising in winter can be quite counter-intuitive, but if you keep a close eye on your needs and your safety you can make it work throughout the colder seasons and through into spring.

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