Winter Detox – The Gwyneth Paltrow Way

Gwyneth Paltrow has to be one of the healthiest actresses on the planet, so when she offers up some advice on how to best try a winter detox, you definitely take notice. And after the indulgences of Christmas and the festive season, what better time to give her ideas a go, especially when our metabolisms are feeling particularly sluggish. The problem is that it is much harder to detox during winter, as typically we want to eat more to keep warm in the colder months. But Gwyneth has turned to Dr. Alejandro Junger for some expert advice on how to best detox during the cold winter months.


Here’s what he has to say: “Winter throws us a few challenges as far as detoxing goes: we are more hungry in cold weather and we need a certain internal temperature to function as mammals, which requires consuming more energy. But when we eat more and keep our bodies in continual digesting mode, we lose energy for other necessary functions and for our immune systems, which make us more vulnerable to getting sick. A winter detox allows us to harness our energy, hit reset on our food intake, and stay healthy and energized. We don’t need to wait for summer to feel and look our best.”


Dr Junger offers these tips to help you get the best out of your winter detox:

  1. Wearing warm clothing both outside and inside your home that is made from organic cotton will allow your skin to breathe and help to eliminate toxins.
  2. Heat escapes through our extremities so make sure you keep your socks and slippers on in the house.
  3. Keep warm by taking long warming baths or showers.
  4. Drink lots of hot herbal teas.
  5. Swap your cold smoothie or juice drink for a warming soup.
  6. If possible take saunas – infrared saunas are especially good.
  7. If you have a fireplace, use it.
  8. It is important to stay warm but sometimes shocking the system with a short burst of cold at times can help activate detoxification.
Savoury shake & Chai gingerbread smoothie

Savoury shake & Chai gingerbread smoothie

As well as Dr Junger’s advice, there is a three-day menu planner with recipes to help with your winter detox. Gwyneth says that this winter detox has looser guidelines and restrictions than previous ones they have done before, but for those who might still have a little trouble following the guidelines, here is what they are avoiding: dairy, gluten, shellfish, anything processed (including all soy products), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), condiments, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and soda.

Chickpea soup & Carrot soup

Chickpea soup & Carrot soup

Recipes include warming shakes such as Chai Gingerbread shake and hot chocolate drinks with peppermint, there’s even a hot savoury shake. Soups include chickpea and roasted carrots with mains that have Chinese chicken and salmon in coconut milk on the menu.

Miso Root salad & Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha

Miso Root salad & Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha

You can find all the recipes and advice for the winter detox at Goop.com

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