Wingman, male grooming multi-gel products for men

Us ladies know what it is like to be bombarded with adverts, telling us how we do not have a life unless we bought a certain face cream, use a particular mascara, or shower with a specific brand. But recently, have you noticed that men are also being targeted to buy products, by high label beauty brands, and fronted by Hollywood A-listers such as Gerard Butler, and that hunky guy from Grays Anatomy? And if the gruff voiced hard man from Scotland, Mr Butler needs an under-eye cream to stop him looking tired, there’s no need for you guys to snigger uncontrollably at him.

Stu Jolley and Wingman products

Stu Jolley and Wingman products

But it seems that there has been somewhat of a rebellion against this surge towards the feminisation of our menfolk, and one man has be bold enough to stand up against the Hollywood elite, and said enough! 26 year old entrepreneur Stu Jolley realised after a surfing holiday in western France that all men wanted was a simple product that did the job of many. Jolley discovered that a typical bloke wasn’t really interested in a different range of goods that catered for a diverse set of symptoms, they just wanted the simple life.

With this in mind he set about creating his simple range of male grooming products called Wingman, a set of multi-gel, three-in-one products that will be sold throughout 495 Tesco stores in the UK.

Jolley spoke of the realisation that came to the invention of his male grooming products: “The showers were not working at the campsite and all we had was a pack of pink baby wipes. I realised there was a market for men’s products, not just female products with the words “for men” added on as an afterthought.”

3-in-1 Multi-Gel: JETFUEL, CHARGE, BOOM

3-in-1 Multi-Gel: JETFUEL, CHARGE, BOOM

Wingman was initially launched with just a couple of products, including a range of face and body wipes, but Jolley has now increased the collection to include the three-in-one multi-gel that can be used to shower, shave and shampoo with. The multi-gels come in three different scents, Jetfuel, for the real man in all of us, Charge, for those wanting an incredible adventure, and Boom for the party animal. The deodorising wipes come in a pack of eight and cost £2 each and are available from Boots, whilst the multi-gels cost £3.49 and are available from Tescos.

It is thought that the deal with Tesco alone is expected to be worth about £500,000 in sales, and this is only in the first year, with Wingman predicting sales of £4 million overall by 2015.

Jolley is concentrating on spreading the word of his new products via social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and also hopes to gain sponsorship of athletes. There will also be a sustained campaign at music events such as festivals, where the products will certainly come into their own.

For more information visit World of Wingman.

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