William and Kate Wedding Dolls– No end to the Media Hype

It seems that there is no clear end in sight to the royal fever sparked by the marriage of Prince William to his beloved Kate Middleton. All over Britain and indeed, even as far as America, royal fever has barely died down.

It is hardly surprising, after all Wills and Kate are very popular as a modern young royal couple. Kate has shown time and time again that she is not only very stylish but also has a great sense of economy – she has recycled outfits on more than one occasion and is proud to do so in these tough economic times. It seems that in the eyes of the fashion pundits she can do no wrong.

That, of course, is essential for a woman who can expect to spend the rest of her life in the glare of media lights. Fortunately it seems that the new Duchess has developed her own innate sense of style and elegant glamour. She seems to have been made to bare the constant attention of the world’s media. Kate’s outfits are being copied all over and she is set to become a trend-setter in terms of fashion.

Although the fashion world was already applauding Kate’s amazing dress sense, it was her wedding dress that truly won hundreds over. Parallels to Princess Grace’s dress were drawn and she set herself up as a true style icon then. From the very next day, copies of “The” wedding dress were being made so that other brides could also feel like princesses.

There is a new twist to the wedding dress saga, however. Even if you are not going to be getting married anytime soon to your own prince, you can still have the fairy-tale dress and the prince as well – in miniature. Hamley’s Toy Store in London recently revealed a Princess Catherine doll kitted out in a miniature replica of what could end up being the most memorable wedding dress of the decade.

Of course, you have to have Wills and Kate together so they also made a Prince William doll in his full wedding regalia. The ironic side is that the dolls can be bought separately from one another. It is thought that the dolls are fair reflections of the couple on their wedding day and will make a nice souvenir for fans of the couple.

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