Will the Sony Tablet Rival Apple’s iPad?

Sony revealed its challenge to the iPad today with the worlds first ‘clamshell’ design tablet, in an attempt to capture some of the lucrative tablet market. The computer giant unveiled the product in Berlin which is guaranteed to be Christmas best seller and is set to match the iPads popularity. The Sony tablet is lighter than iPads at 367g and are designed to be more portable as it folds in half, meaning you can carry it easily in your handbag or even a jacket pocket. The two screens can be used as one or, you can operate them separately, for example, you can play games on one side and use the other as a keyboard.

The Sony Tablet P costs £479 and has two 5.5in touchscreens, each with a 1024 x 480 display, 16GB of memory, wi-fi and 3G. Like other tablets it can surf the web, check email, download music and videos. This tablet is built for multitasking – browse the web, connect with friends or listen to music while typing away on the large keys of your full on-screen keyboard. And it can also be used in line with Sony’s PlayStation gaming technology and its popular eReader digital book downloads. Simply tap the screen, go to the Reader Store and choose from over 2.4 million novels, non-fiction books, comics and magazines or browse and download from over two million free public domain titles at Google Books.

The inclusion of cameras on the front and back of the Sony tablet allows for video calls and by controlling the refraction of light between the LCD and the screen, Sony’s TruBlack™ panel will blow you away with more vibrant colours and truly amazing image quality. Already installed on your tablet are a selection of entertaining and informative Android apps to make your everyday experience even more fun and productive. But you can also browse through thousands of Android apps on the web and download in seconds. You can rent or purchase thousands of new movies and popular TV shows from Video Unlimited. Start watching right away and transfer the file to your personal computer if you like. Or if music is your thing, Listen to over 7 million songs from a wide variety of genres on Music Unlimited whenever you’re connected to your Sony Tablet. Make playlists and discover recommended tracks, based on your personal tastes and habits. So is the iPad dead? I think there will always be people that love their iPads so much they would not even consider going over to the dark side but for those that love innovative ideas and will try something new, Sony may just have something here.

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