Will Lumia’s 920 be the UK’s first 4G smartphone

British consumers could be getting fast mobile 4G connections as earlier as November.

The move is to come after London-based Everything Everywhere got the go ahead from telecommunications regulator Ofcom to roll out its LTE Network first, ahead of the competition.

As it is widely expected that Nokia is preparing to partner with Everything Everywhere to launch its Lumia 920, which was officially announced just days ago, as Britain’s first ever 4G smartphone.

If that deal does go ahead, it could mean customers who buy the Nokia Lumia 920 may have 4G LTE access as early as November, which is when the handset is expected to launch in the UK.

With other LTE rollouts proposed to come in 2013, Nokia will be hoping that puts it ahead of the game.

Nokia will be hoping the feature makes it stand out from the crown enough to gain market share for its flagship Windows 8 device.

The firm will also be hoping it is enough to make consumers forget about the Lumia 920 announcement itself, which has been riddled with controversy.

Nokia has found itself having to apologise twice over marketing material put together to officially unveil the 920.

Official videos and images, which were shot in Helsinki, were originally assumed to have been taken using the new smartphone’s PureView camera, but they had actually been captured using a DSLR.

First Nokia apologised for potentially misleading customers, saying it had “failed to make clear that it was a simulation and not shot using the new PureView camera on the Nokia Lumia 920. Then the Finnish company made a second apology about its still photographs saying “further misunderstanding” may have arisen about its still images, which were taken at night in Helsinki.

A Nokia spokesman said: “We want to be very clear that these still images were taken from the same video. It is a representation of the benefits of optical image stabilisation only and our apology was for using any part of the video without a clear disclaimer.”

As 4G has been long-awaited here in the UK, Nokia should be well-placed to benefit from the anticipation. The fourth generation of mobile technology has been developed through engineering advancements to increase speed, giving faster, more reliable broadband to mobile devices.

Clearly, there are huge benefits to 4G LTE mobile internet but one big downside is a massively reduced battery life as 4G can drain a phone’s battery in just a few hours. Another initial problem will be the lack of 4G coverage in the UK, which will take time to rollout.

If all you do is download a few apps, some tunes and videos along with browsing the web, then 3G has no problem in supporting that.

Nokia will obviously want people to snap up their new phones straight away but it may be that consumers decide to wait until the price of 4G devices drop and coverage improves in the next 12 months or so.

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