Will and Kate – Thoroughly Modern Young Royals

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

It seems now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have captured the hearts and special attention of people all around the world. What is it that sets Will and Kate apart from the previous generation of royals? It would appear that they are a set of modern young royals and are determined to stamp their own particular brand of style on everything they set out to accomplish.

Even at their new home they are said to be forgoing the traditional furnishings in favour of the more contemporary style of Kelly Hoppen.  It may seem a daunting task to modernise the furnishings of a palace but it would seem that Will and Kate are sure to get their way.

So what can we expect Kelly Hoppen to do with Will and Kate’s apartments? It is clear that Kate’s uncomplicated and elegant personal style will have a lot to do with the choice of furnishings.  This, combined with Kelly Hoppen’s simple but opulent style will no doubt have the royal apartments looking very chic and modern.

It will certainly be out with any old fuddy duddy looking furniture and paintings and probably end up being a cool, minimalist design that is, at the same time, warm and inviting. It is unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will settle for a showpiece home that looks unlived in.

Whatever design concept they settle on, it is unlikely that they can get it wrong in the eyes of the general public. Wills and Kate are probably the most popular and most photographed royal couple in the world. The excitement and overall viewership of the royal wedding proved that. Millions tuned in to see exactly what Kate would be wearing.

Kate has shown that she possesses a simple but elegant style in her choice of wardrobe and is already being hailed as a fashion icon – in much the same way as Princess Diana was.  It is difficult not to draw comparisons to the late Princess but it would seem that Kate is a strong woman in her own right and sure to be able to live up to the pressures of royal life.

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