Wii U: New games for a new device

Well, it’s finally here. Shoppers queued for the new Wii U – Nintendo’s first major home console launch since 2006 – in their droves.

And, with some stores already sold out of the new gizmo, lots of consumers have been left disappointed. Argos aren’t listing the Wii U anymore, and some branches of Sainsbury’s have also sold out along with GAME, which has run out of some packages.

But, if you have managed to get your mitts on one of the new devices, here’s our round-up of what are predicted to be some of its most popular games.


The original Wii was credited with bringing gaming to non-gamers, with even grandparents getting in on the action. But it wasn’t best known for its games for grown-ups, until now. The 18-rated ZombiU has already been compared to the early Resident Evil and Dark Souls. Armed with a pistol and a cricket bat, you’re thrown into a zombie-infested London and have to try to escape in one piece.

Nintendo Land

While the original Wii came bundled with the iconic Wii Sports, if you opt for the new Wii U Premium Pack this time round, you’ll get Nintendo Land, although it is also sold separately. You can compete against friends in mini games, which include Donkey Kong’s Crash Course where one of the ways you negotiate the course is by blowing on the mic, and Yoshi’s Fruit Cart where everyone’s favourite little green dinosaur has to eat fruit and avoid obstacles.

Super Mario Bros U

Super Mario has to be Nintendo’s favourite character and the franchise is continuing with Super Mario Bros U. Revamped for the Wii U, you can play against four friends, with four of you on Wii remotes and one on the GamePad. All the levels are new, and there are lots of quirky new details like a freezing power which encases enemies in blocks of ice that you can then pick up and throw, or giant piranha plants that take a lot of destroying. It’s old fashioned fun brought bang-up-to-date with the graphics looking better than ever in HD.

Pikmin 3

One of Nintendo’s head of game development Shigeru Miyamoto’s own favourites, this puzzler puts you in control of an army of cute ant-like creatures. Pikmins come with different special abilities or immunities to hazards, with the third in the series introducing two new types of the little creatures, pink pikmin, which has been spotted in the start screen animation of the developer demo, and rock pikmin, which you can use to smash through tougher barriers.

Lego City Undercover

With Lego bricks first produced in 1949, the construction toy is one of the most popular and enduring in the world. Now, it’s been brought to the Wii U. You roam around the streets of Lego City solving crimes as you go and you can choose from more than 100 vehicles to get you about, including aircrafts, cars and motorbikes.

They’re just some of around 75 games which have so far been confirmed for the new console.

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