Wii Accessories – Get More Out Of Your Fun Time

If you are going to be a Guitar Hero you should do it with style and the Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii Remote Guitar Hero III lets you be exactly that. This Wireless Guitar Controller is one of the best looking ones for the ever addictive Guitar Hero game. The fact that it is wireless may scare some people as some of the wireless controllers have a tendency to not work properly or to run out of batteries when you most need them. This controller however is very responsive and you can really get going without worries. The fact that additional batteries are not needed is also a big plus; the Wii remote is what powers your guitar. The #D sensor capability is also added to your guitar and you also do not have to worry about accidentally hitting pause in the middle of a game. The Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii Remote Guitar Hero III is one great guitar controller.

Yes you can have this dance and master it right in your living room. The Konami Dance Dance Revolution Dance Controller for Nintendo Wii may be the one official controller for the Dance Dance Revolution games, but that does not mean that Konami would get lazy with it. There are other unofficial dance controllers that Konami has to compete with, but this controller does not have much to fear from the competition. It is durable and resistant which is the single most important thing that you look for in a dance controller. The feel is not what you would find at the local arcade, but none of the home dance controllers should be, otherwise storing would be impossible. The feel is great and so is the responsiveness. This controller is perfect for  the Dance Dance Revolution game.

Wii Fit games are so much fun and a perfect way to keep you active. The Wii Fit S3 Sports Board is one of the boards that are made for the snowboarding and skating games. The idea is great, and the controller does work perfectly except that it is a bit fragile. It is definitely not a one size fits all weights controller, but if you are within the weight range you will have a lot of fun with a controller that gives you an almost real board feel. If you are not within the weight recommendation you should go with a board that goes flat on the floor. The reason is the no tipping safety legs. They work and they do their job, but put enough weight on them and add the movement of the games this controller is made for and the board will break. Check weight restrictions before purchasing so that you know if everyone in the family can enjoy the game.

Nintendo has come a long way from the Duck Hunt game, and the DreamGear Rumble Blaster Interactive Light Gun Accessory for Wii DGWII-1112 is proof of that. The light gun not only looks great, it also feels great with responsiveness and accuracy that is spot on. Those are not the only things that are great about this controller though. It will also let you play the coolest single shooter games with style at a very low price. Like other Wii controllers it will also immerse you into the game with its Rumble Blaster. Controllers like this make the Wii one of the best ideas in consoles. The trigger is not so small that you have to have small fingers to use it and be comfortable with. This is a definite buy for those into single-shooter games when they’re looking for a little down time with entertainment.

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