Why you should never buy your woman lingerie for Valentine’s Day!

This is a plea to all the guys out there that were thinking of buying their woman a set of lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Please don’t! First up you should never call your lady ‘woman’, I mean, unless you are living in a travelling community you just will not get away with it, secondly, she’s not ‘your’ anything. And this leads me to the lingerie debacle. Let me guess, you were thinking something skimpy in black and red? Am I right? Now how did I guess that? Because you and thousands of other men are about to make the same mistake. You are buying what YOU want your lady to wear, not what she might feel comfortable in. But hang on you mumble, what’s this got to do with feeling comfortable? It’s all about being sexy and available right? No!! You have to get into your heads that women think differently about their bodies than men do about theirs.

Women are never satisfied with how they look in the mirror, whether it’s their face, body or a particular part of them. Despite your protestations, they’ll always see themselves as too fat, their bum is too big, their chest is too flat, their legs are too skinny, and so on and so on. You get the picture? So for you to highlight their whole body by buying them lingerie, in which they have no escape but to show it all off, how do you think you are making them feel now? Excited to put it on in front of you? Or nervous about her wobbly bits showing? Secondly, by buying her an expensive piece of lingerie, you are basically objectifying her into a certain role you wish her to play. The sexy siren who wants one thing and one thing only. Women feel like objects all the time; in the work place, in adverts that use sex to get their point across, in films, in television programmes, and now you, their partner are at it as well! Am I getting my point across or do you still want to pop into La Senza? How about if I showed you some alternative presents that would seriously knock her socks off but would guarantee you some proper brownie points?

Here’s what really make women go weak at the knees. A nice piece of handmade jewellery that you may have had engraved with yours and her initials and the date. A beautiful watch with an engraving on the back. A special necklace with her initial on it or a heart. Tickets to her favourite band with an overnight stay in a hotel booked for afterwards. A spa day with you or one of her mates if it really isn’t your cuppa tea. A pair of shoes made from her favourite designer that she could never afford on her own. A handbag that she has yearned for. You get the picture now? Personal and romantic things that show you know her inside and out and are not designed to get you anything back in return. But believe me, if you buy any one of these things, you definitely will get something back! You just have to be a little more subtle about going about it if that’s what you are really after. Or you could just be in love with her! Check out our favourites and hopefully you’ll leave the pants hanging on the shelves this year!

Small Heart Charm Bracelet – £929

Lovely, delicate, sweet and brilliantly designed classic from Stephen Einhorn, in the solid precious metal of your choice with an adjustable catch so it will fit any wrist size. This is one of our oldest designs and most popular bracelets. We can cunningly add a 2mm round brilliant cut stone to make it even more special. You can choose any stone (a birth stone perhaps?) you like, including a diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, amethyst, peridot or aquamarine. Phew! Use the drop down menus to make your selection.

Ocean Day Spa – Dorset – £60 p/p

Set high on the cliffs of the Jurassic Coastline within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Ocean Spa is well situated to appreciate the sweeping vistas that Dorset has to offer. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in the UK, Portland has proved an ideal location for a boutique day retreat since it was established by Verna Herry. A day spa and health and fitness club, whose mission is to aid and improve the health and wellbeing of clients, The Ocean Spa provides an escape from busy working lives in a light, contemporary environment. Being a fitness club the pool is large enough for a proper swim, but remains a pleasant place for a quiet soak if you prefer, while full use of the steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna allow you to make the most of some well-deserved ‘me time’. Boasting the widest range of spa treatments in Dorset from facials and tanning, to detox therapy and Thai massages, the Ocean Spa has five therapy rooms and is an Elemis Premier Spa.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag – £440

Bob’s Memphis Two Tone Leather Tote Satchel Color clashing has never been cooler and we love Marc by Marc Jacobs’ hot fuchsia and redtextured-leather tote. Use it to add fashion-forward edge to all your favorite looks. Fuchsia textured and red leather (Cow). Top handle and detachable shoulder strap with gold hardware and zip-fastening interior with magnetic-fastening tab, two internal compartments and a zip-fastening compartment, three pouch pockets and side-lock fastening at flap front. Fully lined in satin-twill. Designer color: Fuchsia Multi.

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