Why Reading Is Super Important to Your Child

Many people have probably told you that you should start reading to your child while they are still super young. Perhaps you are unsure as to why this would work well or you just don’t think it’s going to make too much of a difference to your six month old. They don’t even know what you’re saying yet, why would they need you to read out of an actual book?

Good Habits Start Young

In study after study there is proof that teaching reading to a child from a young age is super good for their learning skills. You want them to be prepared for everything they will be learning when they start going to class and the earlier you get involved the better chance you will have of developing the skills that are needed. In addition to that, you will be teaching your little one from an early age on that there is a lot of wonderful entertainment to be had from a good book.

Helps Develop Verbal Skills

There is no other way for your child to learn how to talk and form the right sounds to make words than by hearing you form words. It’s not easy to string along whole sentences and complex ideas to your baby unless you are reading from a story. Turning the page of a book and going through a fun tale is one of the best ways to get your little one started learning words and seeing letters on the page. This will help prepare them for when it’s time for them to start reading on their own.

Sets Up Precedent For Structured Bonding Time

It’s easy to say you’re going to start reading a bed time story to your little darling every night before they go to bed. It’s much harder to get these habits started and fully developed. If you want to make sure you’re reading to your child every night you are best to start this habit early on so that as your life gets busy (and be assured that it will) you are still able to get this all important bonding time in each and every day.

What To Read To Your Little One

There are indeed a wide range of stories for you to choose from when deciding to get involved with reading to your baby. The truth is that in the beginning all that matters is that you’re reading to them often and clearly. If you’re getting your newspaper time in, or the latest book by your favorite author, more power to you. The important thing is that you are reading to your child and helping them hear many words, sentences and whole thoughts being processed through words. This will help their cognitive process much more than any babbling would. Once your little one starts approaching the one year mark you’ll need to start being selective about what you’re reading to them. By this time you are sure to have tried a children’s book or two and that will give you a good idea of what you enjoy and what your child enjoys.

The Best Time

It is often recommended that you read to your child before they sleep for several reasons. A nice established routine is very good to help your baby get the right amount of sleep every day. This means reading to them before they take a nap is ideal as well as reading before they go to bed. This practice of hearing your voice engaged in a story is an excellent way to soothe your baby into having a calm sleep.

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