Why is education essential?

Since childhood all of us are taught that education is one of the most important things in life. But do we ever wonder that why education is so important? If are educated then we can be someone whom people would look up to. It is not only for the name and fame we achieve by being highly educated, but for other things which we tend to ignore. What education provides us with also reflects in your daily life. An example would make the matter clear. The way we talk, speak and project ourselves is nothing but the outcome of good education that we have been provided with, by our families, schools and colleges. Socializing is one of the dominant ways of leading a happy life. You meet new people who also help in your mental development. Education has always been the fundamental element which nurtures your gesture, your throw of languages and also the way you behave with people.

Different ways in which you can get educated:- You can be educated almost anywhere and by everyone. There is always something to learn from everybody. You can be educated at homes by your family members and can also be educated in schools and colleges by your teachers. You get aware of your morals and principles when you are at home. Homes have been considered to have a prolific environment which is very much-needed. These are some of the lessons which make you the way you are. These lessons are engraved on your mind and you somehow tend to remember them till the end of your life. Then we have a schools, kindergartens and workplaces where you get educated in different areas. You get to know about life, about history, about the world and other varied topics under the sun. Then, a time comes in your life when you start learning from your own experiences which is called auto-made education.

Interesting facts about education:- Education does not mean books and exams; there are other areas in which one gets educated as mentioned above. It depends on different factors. The things which you might be taught in one part of the world might not be followed in some other part. For example, in the USA whenever you drink a beverage, you should not finish the entre thing but keep some at the end. Whereas in China, if you do the same thing then they feel that you have not liked the beverage. Some say that heredity also has to do a lot with education. If you belong to a good family with high values you would also be the same. This opinion is not true always. It has been seen that there are good children who come out of bad families and vice versa. So keep in mind that education is a process which should be carried out with great devotement and responsibility to make the world a better place to live in.

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