Marmite is secret ingredient in top selling UK Perfume

Well their last campaign was based on you either love the stuff or you hate it, but this really does take the mickey, as UK perfumers Union have let slip that there is a controversial ingredient in the new fragrance – Celtic Fire, and it’s not bergamot or vanilla.

The surprise addition is actually Marmite and the label are confident that the smoky, dense scent of the spread will have favorable feedback with customers. And it seems that Selfridges are in agreement as they have signed up exclusive rights to stock the product.

Celtic Fire by Union costs a whopping £125, just a tad more than a jar of Marmite. Union describe their new scent as: ‘The fens of County Derry provide the rich and smoky peat that is the inspiration for this scent, which speaks eloquently of primordial, untamed terrain with oak extract, fir balsam and pine needles from the wilds of Aberdeenshire.

At the centre – a surprise hit of Marmite™, the British icon that is still made in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire! Glowing birch tar from Inverness-shire and the gentle sunshine-sweetness of bog myrtle from Fife complete this ode to wode! Positively tribal.

Celts, bonfires, cold salty sea breeze, these are the strangely associated top notes of this fiercely tribal fragrance, combined with more familiar aromas of British hearth and home: log fires, leather, tea and toast! To be sure ‘Celtic Fire’ contains some unusual and rather controversial ingredients. Tribal Bog Myrtle, known for firing the Vikings into battle, Peat Tincture, and Marmite™ combine to produce this startlingly original fragrance.’

Celtic Fire can be worn by both men and women, and is available from Selfridges.

The British born company was created by a bunch of fragrance enthusiasts who wanted to find truly British fragrances that contained nothing but ingredients sourced from the shores of the UK. When they found that no such fragrances actually existed, they were encouraged to team up with renowned British perfumer, Anastasia Brozler, to create their own quintessentially British fragrance line.

Their perfumes include Gothic BlueBell, Holy Thistle, Quince, Mint & Moss and of course, Celtic Fire.

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