Whirlpool releases new zesty coloured microwaves

Max moodThey look a little bit like a vibrant version of a 1970s television set – but they actually sit on top of your kitchen counter rather than in the corner of your living room.

While the Whirlpool MAX microwave has been available in a range of colourful hues for a while now, makers have just released two new colours.

In Vivacious Green and Zesty Orange, the new models have even more of a retro feel, being made in colour-combinations popular in the 1970s.

Clearly the technology gurus at Whirlpool have been taking notes from Pantone, which is best known for its colour predictions.

For 2013, Pantone is predicting the trendy colours will be orange and green, although it has named them Nectarine and Tender Shoots.

Whirlpool’s MAX range is perfect for fitting into smaller kitchens because it’s smaller on the outside than most microwaves, although with a 28cm turntable, you can still fit a full-sized dinner plate in.

Each zingy MAX microwave measures 36cm by 39.2cm by 35.3cm and they are expected to be available from April. They add to the colours already available in the MAX range, which include platinum bronze, purple, silver and caffeine.

Max microwavesWhirlpool’s brand marketing manager Juliana Sada said: “Our new colours confirm that we are right in tune with the current thinking of fashion designers and consumers who are looking to shrug off the greyness of recent times and add some colour and vibrancy to their lives.”

The new releases also come on top of Whirlpool’s Max Mood ranges, which Whirlpool describe as: “Mini on the outside, maxi outside.”

Because of the “intelligent rounded design,” Max Mood has a full size turntable while occupying very little space in the kitchen, making it the perfect shape to fit into a corner.

Whirlpool’s new colours are due to include the same technology as the rest of the MAX range. There’s a unique crisp plate and quartz grill so the microwave reaches the high temperatures needed to bake and fry, meaning you get crunchy food in just a few minutes, something other microwaves can struggle with.

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, you can also take advantage of the steam function to make sure you can perfectly steam vegetables, fish and other dishes, meaning vitamins stay locked in.

For a quick way to defrost food, there’s a Jet Defrost system which delivers fast and even defrosting.Whirlpool max colours

There’s also a piece of Whirlpool patented microwave technology, which means food cooks in a more uniform manner because microwaves are emitted three dimensionally rather than uni-directionally, so you shouldn’t get any of those annoying cold spots. And there’s a memory function that stores and recalls your favourite settings.

They’re not the most powerful of microwaves, with 700W but they’re competitively priced, expected to go on sale for £159.

We can definitely see them sitting in the kitchens of trendy new apartments, perhaps teamed with the likes of Smeg’s retro-styled fridge freezer in a similar colour palette.

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