Which is the Best TV Media Package for You?

It can be hard to know which is the best TV deal unless you have the time to road test them all and who has the inclination to do that? Far better and wiser to read this article and let us do the hard work for you! Some people are dictated by price, others will always want more choice and the rest will be happy with watching what they want when they want, so if you fall into one of these categories then read on, and remember that Virgin will be dependent on whether cable is available in your area.

Sky TV – Best for amount of channels

If having a huge selection of channels is important to you and cost is no problem then there is no doubt that Sky is your best bet. With over 270+ channels which include 60 HD channels and 1 3D channel, there is nothing to compete with the sheer volume of choice that Sky offer, plus they have Sky Atlantic, one of the best channels for drama. Sky have a great variety of sports and film channels with their ‘Pay as You Go’ films costing £3.99 each. Sky’s Anytime+ is where you can watch catch up TV if you forget to record a show but you do need unlimited broadband to be able to access this and you must have a Sky + HD Box.

Costs – Sky+ HD Box inc installation = £179.25 then £63.25 per month.

Virgin Media TiVo – Best for watching what you want when you want

If you are out a lot of the time and spend your life playing catch up with TV programmes, then Virgin Media TiVo is a life saver for you. You can watch programmes in your own time, pause live TV, record programmes at once whilst watching another and basically watch anything not at the broadcast time. Has 175+ channels including 31 HD channels (more are coming soon however) and you can get Sky Anytime when you sign up to ‘On Demand’. Virgin Filmflex ‘Pay as You Go’ films cost from £3.75 each; you choose your TiVo box then the package of channels you want.

Costs – TiVo Box £99.50 with installation then £56 a month

BT Vision+ – Best for price and saving programmes

The cheapest of all the TV packages but it shows with a smaller selection of channels at approximately 72. This is a good deal if you are not bothered about HD channels and choice but are more concerned about costs and just want to view lots of catch up TV. The hard drive on the BT Vision device holds around 160Gb of storage for recording purposes. Most people use their computers to watch catch up TV but with BT Vision you can watch BBC iPlayer, ITC Player, 4oD, and Demand5 direct to your TV so you can watch it on a larger screen. BT on Demand is 5,000 hours of TV backed up for you to watch at anytime that you have saved. BT Vision ‘Pay as You Go’ films cost £4 each.

Costs – BT Vision Box £40 inc installation then BT Vision unlimited £12.50 per month.

* Costs correct at time of publishing

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