Which is the Best Smartphone for You?

Which is the Best Smartphone for You?

If you are bemused by the various choices when it comes to smartphones look no further. Basically here are the definitions that you should be aware of before purchasing.

All smartphones use either two operating systems: IOS or Android. Apple smartphones are on IOS and most others are on Android.

Many people will have a preference and there is much to support both systems.

IOS is considered to be the gold star of systems, it is very powerful and sophisticated. Android allows you to swap brands easily, and if you don’t like Apple products then it’s a given you’ll prefer Android.

The smartphone you choose will depend on what features you most like using. So whether accessing your emails, messages, texts and so forth is a priority, having a great camera or playing movies and video clips will all draw you to a particular smartphone.

The prices for the smartphones here are all just for the phone itself. If you purchase it on a contract it will be considerably cheaper.

Here are our suggestions.


Apple iPhone 7 Plus – From £719

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - From £719

When people are still queuing throughout the night to get their hands on Apple’s latest offering, it has to be good, with tons of great features. Noticeably the best new feature on this phone is the dual 12MP camera, which now has a zoom lens for close-ups, a telephoto lens for portraits and a wide-angle lens for landscapes. There’s more battery life, which many people were complaining about, a bigger display (5.5”) and it is water-proof. No headphone jack as the phone now has a Lightning socket. Clearly the winner, especially if you love Apple products.

From: apple.com


Samsung Galaxy Note7 – £699.99

Samsung Galaxy Note7 - £699.99

If watching films and videos is your favourite pastime then you’ll be thrilled to learn that the new Samsung Galaxy has a whopping 7” Quad HD display that, thanks to its curved edges, wraps around the whole phone. Other features include the iris scanner for enhanced security and for those who love to still write with their phones, the S Pen makes scribbling notes a cinch.

From: carphonewarehouse.com


Sony Xperia XZ – £529.99

Sony Xperia XZ - £529.99

This phone is not being released until 18th October, but it really is worth the wait. Like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus it is waterproof, and it has a new way of recharging. There’s a canny feature that learns how you normally charge it. The phone will charge itself up to 90% and then charge the remaining 10% just at the last minute. This is to extend the battery life. As for the camera, it is one of the best ones we have seen on any smartphone. The 20.3MP camera focuses faster than you can say ‘cheese!’ and it’s powered by a laser.

From: amazon.co.uk


HTC 10 – £569.99

HTC 10 - £569.99

If playing music that sounds amazing from your phone is important to you then you have to hear what it sounds like coming from this phone. The stereo speakers are awesome and any tune sounds crystal clear even through the headphones. There’s a pretty good camera too, the HTC has 12 UltraPixels which amounts to 12MP but with larger bigger pixels for great pictures. Display is good, at 5.2” it’s not massive but plus points are that the battery charges at speed, up to 50% in just under half an hour.

From: three.co.uk


Microsoft Lumia 950 – £309.99

Microsoft Lumia 950 - £309.99

Forever switching from your phone to your PC? Then this is the phone for you. It has the complete Windows 10 operating system on it which means you can swap from phone to computer effortlessly. The 20MP camera is pretty good too and there’s an iris scanner and the screen is 5.2”.

From: carphonewarehouse.com

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