Which Holiday Resorts Provide the Best Service?

Holiday resorts provide holidays to a significant proportion of the population on an annual basis. With activities, restaurants and swimming pools on-site, many people can’t resist the lure of holiday resorts such as Haven, Butlins, or Center Parcs. But which company provides the best holiday?

Butlins was founded in 1936 by Billy Butlin. With family activities and a variety of packages from flats to chalets, these resorts offer quite a competitive package. British families flocked to them in their droves during the sixties and seventies, but competition, obsolescence and operating costs forced most of the camps to close in the eighties and nineties. Today there remain three Butlins holiday camps in Skegness, Minehead and Bognor Regis. The main issue standing in the way of Butlins’ renewed success is the fact that Butlins camps are always very busy, and despite their large number of beds available their entertainment has not truly been scaled up to match demand.

Haven, with thirty five parks across the UK, has been in business since 1964. With a selection of different types of accommodation, including caravans, Haven offers a plethora of choice to its customers. The swimming facilities and various activities such as sports, rope centres, and playgrounds afford a lot of entertainment even to those who have little or no money to spend, and children are sure to remain happy and busy. Additionally, the pricing is reasonable and allows most families to afford a week away here or there, although avoiding peak times still saves a lot of pennies.

Center Parcs, started in the Netherlands in 1968, came over to the UK in 1987. With a more upscale approach to holiday resort towns, you can certainly expect to pay more for a holiday at one of the four parks currently in operation in the UK (a fifth park is due to open in 2013). However, the facilities available are generally a lot more up-market than those of its competitors, and if you can afford the extra charges you could do a lot worse in terms of luxury family holidays. Cottages for disabled guests are available, and if you really want to splash out you can rent a cottage with your own private hot tub outside. The swimming facilities are expansive and second to none, and offer free swimming to any of the guests regardless of which cottage they have chosen to spend their money on. Center Parcs offers incomparable quality at the expense of pricing, making it the ideal choice but also by far the most expensive one.

Holiday resorts are a time-honoured tradition, and if you elect to take your holiday in the UK this year, you should certainly consider them an option. Choosing carefully allows you to make the right choice for your family, and will inevitably lead to the greatest holiday you could hope for.

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