Which Gaming Console Offers the Most for Family Enjoyment?

There are so many gaming consoles out nowadays, and people with less technical aptitude or willingness to spend their days online looking for the perfect games find it difficult to relate them back to their own needs. So how can you determine, in a simple way, which console offers the best deal in terms of family enjoyment?

The Playstation 3 offers some amazing features. With incredible graphics and familiar controls that have been with us since the original Playstation, it offers amazing gameplay. Hooked up to a High Definition-capable television, there simply isn’t anything that will beat the PS3.

In terms of gaming, the majority of games for the PS3 will also exist for the Xbox 360. Assassin’s Creed, GTA IV, Call of Duty – they find homes on the PS3 and they thrive under its technological brilliance. But these are very much adult-oriented games with certificates of 12, 15, even 18.

One of the PS3-only games that is family-friendly is Little Big Planet, but it is a doozy. Making your own levels, then playing them and sharing them with the rest of the LBP community is a wonderful way to use a gaming console, and it can provide literally hours and hours of fun. All in all, however, the PS3 is not a very family-friendly console and will better suit serious, adult gamers.

The Xbox 360 is next, but it is essentially the same console with slightly less power. With a HD-ready television, you will be able to enjoy fantastic graphics as well as excellent gameplay, and the games the Xbox shares with the PS3 are just as good on the other console. Again, however, there is a dearth in family-friendly games.

The Nintendo Wii is more family-oriented, although this means serious gamers forsake some of the gameplay. With a wide variety of family-friendly games, including any Gamecube games you may still have lying around, which can be played on the Wii as well.

Additionally, you can download a selection of old-school Nintendo games, and you can count on such characters as Mario and Luigi making regular comebacks and providing fun for the whole family. If you’re looking for a console to play games with the entire family, then the Nintendo Wii is definitely the console for you.

So get out there, play with your kids and your friends, and have a wonderful time together.

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