Which airline should you go for?

If you’re booking a holiday and want to know of the best suited airline to fly with, you really can’t afford to be without this handy little guide. Whether you’re jetting off toSpainorAustralia, read on to find out which airline you should go for.

  • Easyjet– Easyjet is a British airline, with its head office being within theairport of London-LutonAirport. As one of the most popular airlines used, Easyjet planes fly to a whole host of different locations, including:Spain,Portugal,Greece, andTurkey. After first becoming established in 1995, the airline has carried over 60 million passengers to date, with this increasing by the second.


  • Ryanair– This airline is very similar to Easyjet, and some would say its competition. As a low-cost Irish company, Ryanair is based atDublinAirport, as well as London Stansted, giving it aUK base. With over 300 aircrafts flying to around 1200 different routes, Ryanair has a lot to offer its customers, priding themselves on an ‘on time’ rate of over 90%.


  • Quantas– Quantas is the main airline inAustralia, consequently being the ideal carrier to fly with if you’re jetting off into that area of the world. Quantas are deemed more of a luxury airline, as a result of the flight time toAustralia being around 24 hours long. This means planes are equipped with televisions and films, to keep travellers entertained during the long flights. And, in 2011 it was officially announced as a four star airline, voted the eighth best in the world- now that’s an airline to fly with!


  • Wizz Air– This is a Hungarian airline company, which prides itself on being low cost. Although it was established in 2003, it’s only now that it’s becoming well-known to those who live in theUK. Most commonly preferring to fly into secondary airports to keep costs down, Wizz Air flys to locations such asGirona,Greece,Turkey,Katowice, and Heraklion, preferring to land at airports such as London Luton. However, it’s classed as a two star airline, so don’t expect as much as you would from Easyjet, for example, which is supposedly three star.

Wizz Air

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