Where’s the best place to sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers?

selling gift cards

It happens year after year, we end the festive season and we have acquired a few gift cards and vouchers we won’t end up spending. There are lots of reasons why you might want to sell unwanted gift cards: It could be that your work colleagues have clubbed together to pay for a book voucher but you prefer watching films, or perhaps someone has given you a gift card for a coffee shop but you always drink tea.

Whatever the reason you are not going to use your gift card doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from it, and this is where selling them for cash comes in. But where should you sell them and which sites should you avoid?

Here’s our suggestions for you if you want to sell unwantd gift cards:

Auction sites

Many people opt for auction sites such as ebay and if you already have an account with them for selling it is probably the easier way to sell. However, you have to consider the fees. EBay charges you to list the item, then a 10% final valuation fee and don’t forget that their preferred payment method is PayPal who also charge 2.9% on all transactions. Keep in mind that people go to eBay for a bargain and you are unlikely to get anywhere near the actual price for your gift card or voucher, you might even end up with 25% less the total price.

Card Exchange sites

If you want to get more money for your gift card then consider a card exchange site instead. Here the card site will purchase your gift cards for around 90% of its value and then they will do all the reselling for you.

There are many card exchange sites such as Cardcash where once you are a member you can sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers. You can also buy discounted gift cards up to around 35% off the recommended total amount. Card Cash sells vouchers from many major stores including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, iTunes, and Starbucks.

Card Pool is another card exchange site but it will not accept any cards for under $10. It does not have a maximum total which some card exchange sites do insist on. For the majority of cards Card Pool will pay you up to 92 percent of the balance. It also has different payment options including a cash payment or you can exchange your card for an Amazon gift card. If you do this your payment will be 6% more than if you accepted the cash. You can sell the standard plastic gift cards on this site and online ones, just input the code on the card and it works like a plastic one.

Gift Card Bin also arranges sales of unwanted gift cards and their system could not be simpler. You complete an online form which requires details of the gift card, the company then send you an email with your transaction number and shipping details, you send the gift card to the company complete with the transaction number, they verify it and pay you via PayPal. Gift Card Bin have a $10 minimum and a $300 maximum on their cards.

Finally Gift Card Zen is probably the fastest and easiest way to sell your unwanted gift cards but you do take a hit on what you can get for them. We input a voucher for $100 for Aveda and was offered $65 cash via PayPal. Of course, if you need cash quickly and without any fuss then it is a pretty good  option. With Gift card Zen you don’t need to post most of the cards either, as they are able to take order electronically, so this also speeds up the transaction time.

If you are wondering where the best place to sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers is, then try shopping around, input the card’s details into a few sites to see which will offer you the best price.

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