Where to Find Baby Cribs for Less

A baby crib is an essential piece of furniture that parents are going to need for their baby’s room. So, once the parents have figured out what kind of crib to purchase it is important to be familiar with where one can find the perfect baby crib for their new arrival. Here is a list of some great options on where to find baby cribs.

1. It would first be a great idea to search for baby cribs at local department stores. Some great examples would be a local Wal-mart, Target, or Babies R Us location. Usually there are some of these stores local to people where it is easy to drive to the store and pick up the crib all in one day. A great plus side to this option is that the parents do not have to pay any additional shipping charges on the item.

2. Search online for stores that sell baby cribs. Simply do a search on Google and the results will come back by the thousands. This is a great option for people who like to shop at home and have their items delivered directly to their front door. This minimizes any driving or chaos with busy stores. Purchasing a crib online is also a great idea because there are many more options for parents to compare prices than there is at local department stores. Online it is possible to compares hundreds of stores whereas shopping locally only allows a comparison of a few stores. Online stores are very competitive and people will often find the lowest price online.

3. Although it is not recommended, some people choose to search for baby cribs at garage sales, consignment stores, or the classified ads. Again, this is not recommended because the types of cribs found in these locations are typically used. Used cribs can bring about many issues. There may be recalls on these cribs, they may have been broken before, and may not be safe altogether for a baby to sleep in. By purchasing new, parents will know exactly where their crib has been and what it has been through.

4. Ebay is a great option for purchasing baby cribs. Some of the cribs on Ebay are used but often times new cribs will be listed as well. Ebay is great because it allows the parents the option to bid on their product and potentially find the lowest price on a crib compared to any other store. This option can get pricey with shipping but may be very worth it depending on the winning bid!

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