Where Do Young Turks Spend Their Saturday Nights?

Turkey is a charming country where you may find three types of people: the ones who live by the rules of their religion (Islam, in most cases), the ones who believe in progress and are firmly convinced that God does not exist and, last but not least, we have young Turks living in Istanbul, who, despite being Muslim, know how to have fun and follow the trends. Turkish artists know that Istanbul and Antalya attract many foreigners every year so, if they want to reach a wider audience, they have to make themselves known in these two cities first.

As far as music is concerned, Istanbul is where new trends are set and, contrary to popular belief, young people are not that traditional. Turkish rock and metal, for example, are two genres worth exploring for they combine various elements from different western genres. If you are planning on visiting Istanbul and would like to live like a local, at least at night, here is a list of the trendiest places where young Turks spend their Saturday nights.

Arka oda

Situated on Kadife Sokak, Kadiköy, this former town house is where Istanbul’s newest Indie bands (like Kim Ki O) perform. On the inside, the place looks like a massive sitting room where you may sit and chill with your friends and a crowd of regular customers whilst listening to live music.


If you are looking for a club where you can get a beer for as low as £ 2,00, listen to live music and meet new people, Araf (situated in Beyoğlu, on the European side of the city) is the right place for you.


Located in Beyoğlu, this is probably the only club in Istanbul that hosts regular dubstep concerts. Local bands and DJs usually perform on the first two floors; on the top floor you will find a magnificent bar where people stay and chat for some time, before going back downstairs to dance the night away.

Otto Santral

Not far from central Istanbul (Emniyettepe Mahallesi), this dance-music venue is known for hosting glamorous parties and featuring not only local DJs and groups, but also international bands.


What can you expect from a club with a name like that? Diversity, above all. This fancy venue features Turkish instrumentalists, local DJs and even international bands like Mulatu Astatke and Wild Beasts.

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