What’s for dinner this Christmas eve?

Christmas Eve feast for your loved ones

Christmas Eve feast for your loved ones

It is finally December, the month I wait for every year, because it brings Christmas; an occasion of gifts, celebrations and food, of course.  A passionate for cooking, Christmas brings me a reason to celebrate my love for food and living. Planning a menu for Christmas Eve is something that might sound a little overwhelming. To help you make your best pick, here is a little guide –  

Most of us love preparing special stuff for Christmas, but do we know how to make it healthy too? You can get some help at www.ivillage.co.uk.

For a healthy Christmas dinner you have many choices. If you want to make your Christmas dinner a really huge and finger licking one, best option is to opt for a sea food theme. Sea food has an exotic taste that is unique to itself; to this you add your numbers resulting in a great dining experience. If you go for seafood dishes, the first to the list is the smoked salmon rolls as the starter, next, some lobster ravioli, boiled or peeled shrimps, shrimp puffs, crab salad (a non vegetarian salad), a shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, baked fish fillets as the main course etc. but if you do not want your guests to imagine a sea at your table, the list still continues with a number of options.

You could choose turkey. Most of the Christmas dinners start with a turkey. You could find one from a local market or order it directly from a farmer. If you don’t find them at either of the places, you could find one at the community that produces poultry. Turkeys also serve ideal for main courses, so make your dish quiet healthy and a tasty one. A sweet touch to your dinner could be done by special Christmas desserts, pastry cakes, or the lovely chocolates.

Something’s missing? Yes, it is the wine!  A Christmas without wine is like a song without music. Wine is a symbol for happy times and what better than a Christmas feast. There are various options available in wine.  If at the dinner table, select wines which pairs well with your course of meal. Like, if you are using red meat, a white wine would be a good choice at the table. Though white wine creates bold flavors, they are a challenging pair to red meats. If serving with turkey, red wines or viognier is a good match. Moreover, if you avoid serving wines at the dinner table and preferring to serve later, you could do it with chocolates. This may sound very weird but chocolates go really well with wines, provided you pair them up right. Always when you pair wines and chocolates, an ideal pair would be lighter and elegant flavored chocolates with light wines and heavier chocolates with heavy wines. And moreover, bring on the right chocolates also. Like, when you choose milk chocolates, use lighter wines with a fruity touch and if you have dark chocolates onto your list, avoid fruity wines as it may not pair up well with the chocolaty flavors.

To maintain your dishes healthy, here are a few tips for preparation:

  • Whenever you choose meat, always avoid grilling it. Adapt baking meat for dinner as baking will drain out the excess fat in the meat.
  • Choose the healthy filo pastry to the traditional pastry as filo is less in calories than the traditional one.
  • In desserts or cakes, substitute peanuts to walnuts, almonds and cashews or pumpkin and sesame seeds, which are rich in proteins and minerals.
  • Instead of the sugared items, choose sweet fruits like apples, bananas, raisins or currants. They serve you double benefits of sweetness as well as long time stay.
  • Make possible swaps. Use tortilla crisps to salted ones, filo pastry to mini pastry etc.
  • If preferring chicken, always opt for turkey because it offers a number of health benefits to your body.

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