What You Won’t Want To Forget On Your Next Trip

Planning for a vacation can be very exciting. For many people, it can also be a very stressful time. There are many reasons for this. A vacation can be very hard on your budget, true, but often people are most stressed about getting their packing done so they can enjoy their trip with all the items they know they’re going to need. Here are a few essentials you should make sure to check of your list when you’re next planning your get away.

Something For Your Dirties

It’s actually quite easy to remember to pack plenty of fresh clothing so that you can enjoy your trip. But what are you going to do with your soiled wardrobe? You won’t want to toss it back in the same suitcase as your clean items. This can lead to everything you have to wear smelling of sweat and stinky feet. If you have a plastic bag this is an easy option, if you have an extra piece of luggage this is the best option.

Consider Your Shoes

For some of us, it’s simple enough to take just one pair of shoes and have them work well for the entire vacation. This might not happen if you’re headed somewhere that needs climate specific footwear. For instance if a hike or a day at the beach are part of your planned vacation you’re going to need boots and sandals. To insure you have what you need to make the most of your trip take the time to consider whether or not you may need specific shoes while you’re away.

The All Important Camera

There are many travellers that this is the first thing that gets packed. There are others who pick a disposable camera up at the airport and there are those who forget entirely. If you want to have some snapshots to remember your trip by you should pick a safe spot in your luggage to put the camera in first thing.

Health And Beauty Aids

One of the easiest ways to insure you have all the items you’ll need for your beauty and health is to pack a separate small case for these items. This makes it easy to store your toothbrush, razor, toothpaste and anything else. But in addition to these items you’ll want to include sunscreen, some aspirin or Tylenol and some band aids. Nail trimmers and files are also often missed when you’re away from home so they should be included as well.


Most of us choose to go on vacation to get a chance to enjoy the beach or a beautiful pool and therefore will need our swimsuit. There is nothing worse than planning a tropical rest and finding out you need a bathing suit. Who wants to go swimsuit shopping on their vacation? Get this packed first. Then make sure that you have anything else you might need while you’re spending a day at the beach or the pool. Sunscreen, shades, a hat and sandals are just part of what may make your day better.

Go Through Your Wallet

Before you leave for your trip you’ll want to make sure you have all your money in order. Is your passport in your wallet? How about your credit cards? Go through your wallet and make sure that it is cleaned up and user friendly for someone who is about to go travelling. Have a fair amount of cash on hand, your ids and anything else you’re going to need in the wallet while you’re gone. If you follow this simple check list you’ll be more likely to take a trip and have forgotten nothing at home. 

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