What Tools Does a Businessman Need to Stay Competitve?

A business man’s arsenal has changed a lot since my grandfather’s day. Back then, you needed a winning smile, a decent pen and a good pad of paper. I still remember granddad saying that they would never land on the moon so I wonder what he would have to say about today’s business essentials.

For the businessman on the go, a smartphone is no longer a “nice to have” but an essential part of doing business. These mini-computers give you access to your office twenty four hours a day from all over the globe. Budgetary constraints are no longer as much of an issue as you can get budget smartphones.

Of course, everyone has heard of the Blackberry – and everyone saves money using the Blackberry messenger – Blackberry has become a household name and, with a range of options from budget through to expensive models, you can find one to fit your pocket. Another example of a budget smartphone is the Orange San Fransisco Android.

This phone would make Henry Ford proud – you can have it in any colour as long as it is black. That is how the Orange San Francisco Android has kept costs down – the design features have been kept to a minimum – they concentrated on functionality to give this smartphone more bang for its buck.

Loaded with the Google Android operating system, you have a phone that is basically a mini-laptop. The next essential is a notebook/ laptop. For a sales person, a notebook/ laptop becomes an especially important tool. Whilst a smartphone may be all you need, the screen is too small to conduct an effective marketing pitch and, let us face it most people are blown away by visual aids. True, you can use paper based visual aids and these work well but a truly great presentation includes various mixed media – possibly power point displays or video to reinforce the printed media. Of course, the choice of laptops is quite overwhelming so it would pay you to read a few laptop reviews before choosing a laptop. You might also want to get laptop reviews from friends and colleagues before choosing.

Laptop reviews from actual users tend to be more useful. Of course, you are still going to need a decent pen for when the client signs on the dotted line and it would not hurt to have a business card holder for business cards that you will collect. Business cards are, however fast becoming obsolete. With Bluetooth technology like that on the Blackberry and Orange San Francisco Android, you can simply exchange business cards via smartphone. Thinking of my granddad, I must wonder what he would make of all this technology and the fact that we did end up landing on the moon.

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