What to Expect in Battlefield 3

Gamers who are impatiently waiting for the release of Battlefield 3 still have a few more months to go before they can get

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

their hands ion the latest release of the game franchise.  The game will feature several interesting additions, including several combat locations previously absent in previous releases.  Battlefield is a series of 11 games launched throughout the years, with the latest installment set to be made available to the public in October 2011. If you love the thrill of a first-person action-packed game then this is definitely for you.

Battlefield 3 upon its release will be made available to Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360 users, along with an EA mobile port for phone users with iOS as their platforms. Users of Windows Vista or later Windows editions will also have chance to play this game on their computers once installed. Interestingly, experts claim that the game will be best played not in a console but on your pc. This makes it very attractive to interested players who do not have a game console but would want to try the different version of the game.

There will be two types of player mode as usual, with the single player campaign focusing on the borders of Iran and Iraq.  The multiplayer campaign meanwhile will still support the class-based method of play, allowing players to choose between Support, Assault, Recon, and Engineer classes based on their preference. Game developers of Battlefield 3 have added several qualities and special abilities to each class, so you will never run out of interesting choices. It is now easier to pick your favorite class and be able to enjoy the added benefits endowed by the game creators.  A player who chooses the Assault type of class for instance will have the added advantage of being able to possess medical kits and defibrillators that can be used during necessary stages in the game.

Although a large percentage of the game will be played in common places such as metro areas, urban streets, and open territory the map locations are something that can be worth considering. You will have a chance to choose combat maps that are set in New York, Oman, and Paris among others. The developers have also improved the overall graphics quality of the game, allowing you to enjoy a more realistic gaming environment. All in all, Battlefield 3 is indeed one game that is worth every penny for avid gamers and fans. 

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