What to buy your favourite technology geek (or yourself) for Christmas

If you’ve not made out your Christmas list to Santa yet or you’re struggling to think of what to buy your technology-obsessed loved one, we’ve got some gift ideas to inspire you.

For the little ones: Lego brick alarm clock £17

Lego bricks have been loved for generations and this alarm clock will make a stylish addition to the bedroom of any fan of these building blocks. In bright, bold primary colours, the brick has a digital clock, clearly displayed on an LCD screen with a backlight to make sure you can see it easily at night. So your youngster will have no excuse for trying to wake you up in the middle of the night.

The gamer in your life: Emperor 1510 Gaming Environment £7,500

If money is no object and you don’t mind your other half spending more time gaming than with you, then this has to be the ultimate gaming chair. It looks like the sort of thing that Joey and Chandler would have loved to have in their apartment in Friends. There’s a Bose 2.1 sound system, adjustable seat and a huge array of connections. Despite the huge price tag though, you still need to add your own PC or console and monitors.

For the budding astrologer: Celestron FirstScope C21024 Telescope £40

With aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, about to enter their most spectacular phase of its 11-year cycle, you never know what wonders you’ll be able to see through this gizmo, which makes a great first telescope. It’s very easy to observe with – you simply navigate by moving the tube in the direction you wish to view and the compact design means you can take it out and about with you, maybe for a camping trip in summer.

For little grown ups: Kurio £200

If you’re tired of never being able to use your own iPad, then this child-friendly Android tablet with its big, friendly ten-inch screen could hold the answer. It comes pre-loaded with lots of games to entertain, including Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and has parental controls including app and time management.

For the Doctor Who fan: Sonic Screwdriver £69

This eleventh doctor’s sonic screwdriver is a fully-functioning infra-red remote control which works with your gestures. There are special sound effects from the world of Doctor Who. With die cast metal, polymers and rubber components, the design has been kept as faithful as possible to the Doctor’s original. It can be programmed to learn the functions of almost any domestic remote control.

For the fashionista: Nixon Apollo headphones £70

These are quite simply a thing of beauty, and they sound pretty good too. They are unashamedly girly and, given, this season is seeing a plethora of metallics on the catwalks, they should go with lots of outfits. They have memory foam ear cushions so are supremely comfortable. They also come with their own travel pouch if you want to take them on holiday, and they are compatible with your iPhone.

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