What Sells Best at a Car Boot Sale?

Everyone these days is trying to make a little extra money, whether this means cutting back on luxuries, or selling unwanted things on auction sites such as ebay or at car boot sales.

The thing I’ve found about selling at car boot sales however, is that not everything actually sells! There are certain items that always without question, do very well, and others that just stay with you until you leave to pack up. So instead of you learning for yourself and loading up at car at dark o’clock in the morning, I thought I’d give you the heads up as to what sells and what definitely doesn’t. No need to thank me!

What Sells:

Without fail, anything to do with children is always a best seller at car boot sales. From toddlers clothing, right up to teenagers, children’s toys, kids books and even furniture. Children are very expensive creatures to raise and look after and many parents who themselves are looking for a bargain, will give their little darlings a couple of quid to entertain themselves by buying a toy or two.

So if you have any unwanted kids stuff, make sure you include this in your things to sell. Old vinyl records are another best seller particularly as vinyl records are having a bit of a resurgence at present. I’m not talking those old Top of the Pops records however, real classics such as anything rock’n’roll, the Beatles always sell and other great artists. Also little known artists from certain musical eras do well, like punk bands and 80’s classics.

Plants such as tomato, runner bean and strawberry plants sell well, especially ones that are just growing and need planting out. Clothing for women also sells such as dresses, coats and shoes and handbags, but keep them reasonably priced. I’ve found that people are reluctant to pay over a fiver for clothes or shoes.

Handicrafts also sell well, such as hand made jewellery, knitted items and wooden crafted items, but again, keep them at good price or you will end up taking them home with you. Books do sell but in my opinion, not well enough to lug them halfway across town. And unless you have a dedicated book stand where people know you, I would only take a few very good condition books that are popular.

What Doesn’t Sell:

I’ve found that men’s clothing does not sell at a car boot. I am not sure why but perhaps men do not have the same attitude to second hand clothing as us ladies do. They simply do not want something that another guy has worn before them, whereas us ladies, if we find a classic dress or jacket for a great bargain price, will snap it up there and then.

Electrical items tend not to sell well as there is no guarantee that they will work and many people have been stung at boot sales by unscrupulous sellers who have sold them a dud electrical item. Unless you have some contraption that fits into your cigarette lighter that provides you with electricity to power your electrical goods then leave them to a charity or a relative. Cassette tapes absolutely do not sell so again, if you have any old ones it is best to take them to a charity shop.

CDs do sell but only popular ones so if you have any older than around five years I would dump or give away. Curtains don’t sell at all and neither does bed linen for some reason. I think it is because it is difficult to a) measure up a curtain and b) get the right size bed linen.

Plus people do not want second hand sheets that others have slept on! Another thing that is hard to shift at car boots are paintings. They are so subjective that I would not bother to take them with you. The chances that someone will love the very thing you hate is not likely.

Whatever you do decide to take with you to sell, remember that it should be in a reasonable condition and don’t forget, you are trying to get rid of this stuff, you are in a field, early in the morning, not Harrods! Good luck!

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